Saucony 26 Strong

Saucony, Competitor and Women’s Running have come together to create a team of 13 newbies (“cadets”) who are training to run their very first marathon and 13 coaches who will guide them through their journey—all the way across the finish line. – The Saucony 26 Strong website

Saucony 26 Strong
Photo courtesy of Morganne (Nut Butter Runner)

Baptism By Fire: I’ve Lost My Mind
That time I said “YES” to training for the Chicago Marathon with Saucony 26 Strong

The Countown Begins
It’s time to turn my focus from recovery to building up a base for my marathon training!

Marathon Training: Month One
Four weeks of marathon training down, who knew it could be that easy?

CrossFit and Marathon Training
Strength and cross-training is important to every athlete, but with the dedication of training for a marathon, can you fit it all in?  I think so, even with an intense sport like CrossFit.

Marathon Training: Month Two
Another eight weeks bites the dust, ten more weeks to go until race day!

Marathon Training on Vacation
It’s hard, but it’s doable as long as you figure out what your goals are.  Pick your priorities and stick with them.  Mine were to relax, workout, but not stress about my plan.

Training for a Marathon as an Injury Prone Runner
Being injured is kind of my thing and it’s happened after my previous two half marathons.  Here I am training for a marathon and keeping the injuries at bay.

Marathon Training: Month Three
Remember that time I agreed to run my first marathon?  It’s creeping up and I am 12 weeks down, with just four more to go!

The Final Push: Chicago Marathon
Just 21 days to go, training has started to fall a little apart, how much longer can I hold on?

The Marathon Workout
What’s the workout you associate as the typical “marathon” workout, where you run it (or see somebody else run it) and think they are ready for their big day?  For me, it’s the infamous 20 mile long run.

Tapering and Second Guessing
Taper is hard.  You reflect on your training and in comes the coulda, shoulda, woulda.  See where my head is at.

Chicago Marathon: A Brief Recap
Spoiler alert: I did it.

Chicago with Saucony 26 Strong
A recap of the entire weekend spent in Chicago for the marathon, including meeting the women of Saucony 26 Strong, Competitor Group, and Saucony.

Chicago Marathon: The Long Recap
From the night before to the finish line, how did my first marathon go?

Find Your Strong
Find your strong.
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Weil

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Chicago Marathon: The Expo