Adventures of a “Born-Again” Runner

The sneakers that started it all, plus 200 miles.

After a six-year running hiatus, I’ve returned to the sport (yes — sport) I used to love.  Upon seeing friends train for a local half marathon, I remembered I set the same goal for myself sometime during my cross country career and had yet to even think about it.  With a rush of adrenaline, I ran to the local Dicks Sporting Goods store and picked up a fancy new pair of sneakers.  With a suggestion of the salesperson based on his experience, I bought my first pair of Brooks sneakers and settled with the Pure Flow.  Practically running home in them, I also signed up for the goal race — the Mighty Niagara Half Marathon.

That was four months ago.  That race is this Saturday.

It’s been a quick four months, despite this being the longest I’ve ever consistently trained.  Even in high school, the cross country and track seasons were just two and a half months tops, and because my school didn’t offer an indoor track season, I took the winter months off.

There have been many ups, a couple downs, and even two lost toenails… but finally the day has arrived.  One thing I realized during this entire journey, however, is the fact that finishing this race isn’t the end like I originally thought.  I’ve started again and I don’t think I can stop.