Spring Forward Distance Run

Mr. Photographer pre-race.
Mr. Photographer pre-race.

Waking up on a Saturday morning at 5:30am for a race sounds crazy, even to me.  Dragging along your boyfriend at 5:30am for your race in Rochester sounds even more crazy, particularly when it’s 90 minutes away, you’ll be away running for 80 minutes (at least that’s what I anticipated) and the course isn’t friendly for people to navigate and watch various points.  Thankfully, dragging wasn’t necessary and he didn’t let on how much it probably sucked… all the more reason I’m going to convince him to join me next time!

Ready to run!  Cheesy grin and all.
Ready to run! Cheesy grin and all.

It was super sunny out, but I didn’t bring a hat or sunglasses.  It was also rather cold, but it was warming up quickly and the sun was beaming down on everything.  I probably could have worn a little less clothing, but I have a serious issue with the “dress like it’s 20 degrees warmer than it is” rule.  There is nothing more I hate than being cold… and believe me, I was cold.

The race was a little more hilly than I expected in a constant way. The Ridge has a few really large hills, but then evens out. This entire race was a constant of ups and downs and I really wasn’t prepared for that.

I basically just went out at a pace that felt comfortable, trying to not push myself too hard.  I fell into a comfortable rhythm which kept my heart rate between zone 3 and 4, but was still under an 8 minute mile.  It made me nervous, but I decided to just trust the watch.  At each hill I came to, I thought about everything I’ve done at the Ridge and in spinning classes… I pushed myself and got my heart rate into zone 5, then comfortably took it down the hill with my momentum and got back down to zone 4. Each hill, I would pass at least a few people.  Surprisingly for me, they never came back to pass me again.

Garmin Results: Kicked Ass!
Garmin Results: Kicked Ass!

I slowed down a little after I ate Gu at mile 5 and then had a water break around mile 6, but I was still pulling crazy splits that I wasn’t expecting.  I remember the topography of the course from looking prior to the race so I knew I had a few big hills in the finish that I wanted to save a little bit for, but I kept feeling good.  Unfortunately, I did give it my all on the last big hill and got a terrible cramp which really hindered me.  I probably could have finished an entire minute or so quicker than I did, but I’m so ecstatic by what I did accomplish I can’t really be upset.  The last three quarters of a mile, I kicked it in so fast.  I didn’t care if I ran out of gas in the finish, I hoped the momentum could just carry me through.  It did.

Moving Time
Elevation Gain
Elevation Loss
Avg Pace
Avg Moving Pace
Best Pace
Avg HR
Max HR
Summary 1:15:26.0 1:15:05.0 9.37 409 381 8:00 8:01 5:30 175 188 788
1 8:09.1 8:08 1.00 30 50 8:09 8:08 7:23 162 173 77
2 8:05.1 8:01 1.00 30 12 8:05 8:01 6:55 174 179 84
3 7:49.1 7:41 1.00 21 72 7:49 7:41 6:44 174 181 81
4 7:44.9 7:44 1.00 32 26 7:45 7:44 7:09 178 183 82
5 7:51.0 7:52 1.00 0 39 7:51 7:52 7:12 177 183 83
6 8:03.6 7:57 1.00 107 81 8:04 7:57 6:52 177 184 86
7 8:13.8 8:14 1.00 26 13 8:14 8:14 7:11 176 183 86
8 8:40.1 8:40 1.00 83 31 8:40 8:40 7:06 176 183 90
9 7:59.5 7:59 1.00 48 57 8:00 7:59 6:06 180 186 87
10 2:49.5 2:49 0.37 32 0 7:38 7:36 5:31 185 188 32

Overall, I finished 167th out of 654 participants.  I was the 38th female out of 336 girls.  And I was 6th in my age group out of 31.  Top 25% overall, 11% out of females, and 19% in my age group?  I’ll take it!  Chip time was 1:15:23 — almost an entire 5 minutes faster than my goal pace!  It didn’t even hurt afterwards, go figure.  Half marathon, here I come!

By the way — my 10K split on this was faster than the race I ran last summer: 49:27.  Just about 5 minutes faster — nearly a minute per mile quicker!