Last weekend I mentioned my attempt at a ten miler which ended at mile 3, barely being able to hold 10:15 pace. Well, I woke up Sunday morning and nailed that shit. 

All Saturday I stayed hydrated and ate foods that would give me energy come Sunday. When I woke up Sunday, I had some Amino Energy just to make sure I had all the energy. The Chinese from the night before wasn’t totally agreeing with me (seriously, this is news to me, that’s my go-to!) but I was on a treadmill, so whatever. 

I instantly felt better on this run. Thank. You. I averaged a 9:46 pace, but felt strong and energized the entire time. On the easy runs, I’m just trying to keep it comfortable. I want to be able to have a conversation and belt out some lyrics when my song comes on, even if it’s only 5 words at a time.  It’s amazing what a difference of better hydration, sleep, and fuel will do to you. 

Unfortunately, that was the last time I felt good. Sunday night sleep was hard to come by and I ended up with 5 hours of sleep. It partially may be due to the coffee I had after Amino Energy at 1pm, whoops. So Monday I woke up feeling kind of groggy. Thankfully, it was a rest day. 

Tuesday though, things started to go way down hill. I went to bed at 8:30pm Monday night, woke up Tuesday with a scratchy throat and thought not too much of it. When I got home, I was planning to run but was far too exhausted, so I napped for an hour. I still went to bed around 9:30pm and slept until the next (Wednesday) morning around 7:30! 

On Wednesday, the scratchy throat continued. I decided it wasn’t a head or chest cold, just an odd feeling in my throat, so I could go out for my workout. After all it was mid-40s in January in Buffalo and I can’t pass up the opportunity to wear shorts. After my first mile aiming for 7:50 (actually ran 8:00) I started to do my recovery mile and I was beat. I figured I’d just run two miles easy, but after half a mile I had to force myself to not walk home. I’m talking near mono level exhaustion that I haven’t felt since I got mono 8 years ago. I ended up coming home to shower, take a two hour nap, and again sleep at 10pm until 7 Thursday morning. 

My attempt at killing whatever makes me exhausted. Placebo effect?
Thursday brought the sore throat and still, the exhaustion. I don’t know how people can fight through sickness. I feel like such a wimp. Like, my symptoms aren’t that bad. I can breathe. My body doesn’t ache. I don’t have a headache. But man, that exhaustion will kill you. I feel terrible for skipping my Thursday run, but honestly, the 25 minutes I ran yesterday took me out for the rest of the night. Instead, I did put some effort into doing the small things and opted for about 30 minutes of yoga, which I figured might make me feel better but instead left me laying on the couch as though I ran a half marathon. Come. On. 

I have another ten miler coming up Saturday and I hope I feel better for it. My last four miles are considerably faster, and if the weather holds up (as it should), heading out on the roads is a possibility. 

Do you guys opt to workout when you’re sick, or just take a couple days to recoup and nip it in the bud upfront?


Training Hurts.

It’s been a couple weeks since declaring that I’m going to run another marathon. Shockingly, I haven’t changed my mind but instead started to embrace it. It’s no longer, “Should I run another marathon?” or “Should I do a fall or spring marathon?” but “When I run the Carmel Marathon in April…” and it’s all becoming a little more real. I’ve even started to tell people that I’ll be running a marathon in the spring, so I’m basically committed.  If only we could finally close on our house so I can open up the checkbook again without feeling guilty, that’d be great. Continue reading Training Hurts.

Mind, Body, and Soul

It’s been just over a week since the Pittsburgh Half Marathon and the mojo I thought I would find has been mostly non-existent.  After a couple days off, I thought I’d get back into it but when the time came to run, I wanted to do everything but, so I did everything but.  I felt a little guilty about that and I still kind of do.  After training for so long towards a goal I feel like I’m copping out a bit.

Right now my mind, my body, and my soul are all conflicted.

My mind rejects absolutely every idea of running right now.  The moment I consider running, my mind revolts it almost instantly.  Nope, nope, nope.

My body feels like running is hard. It should feel hard after sitting around doing nothing with it for a week.

My soul looks at races and goals and feels motivated.  It looks at previous years’ races results and checks out current year’s competition. It still feels a passion to run and compete.

With Buffalo being a few weeks away and my desire to train being non-existent, I’ve decided to run Buffalo for fun. Two of my cousins are running their first half marathon and I’m going to run with at least one of them! I know Laura enjoyed seeing me cross three Chicago finish line and being there every step of that 4 hours and 20 minutes, and you know what? Maybe I should try that too.

To be honest, I’ve never really run a race for fun… I usually race it at whatever my current fitness level is, which is always me trying to reach the next level and attempt to PR. That’s kind of exhausting and I think partially why I’m kind of miserable right now. I need to find my love of running again.

Truthfully, I’m a little worried about taking a hiatus and running as I please. I feel like it took so much effort to be in realm of sub 8 minutes miles during a half marathon again, but maybe I’m a little crazy. It took me so long to get here because I couldn’t run for 18 months. For crying out loud, I had to run/walk from June 2014 until September 2014! I want even comfortable running 10 miles weeks until January 2015! I really shouldn’t freak out, but I kind of am. And I feel like I’m giving up a little. But honestly, my life is a little stressful and I need to dial back things that stress me out more, which is running right now.

I am however, going to run the 5k Saturday before the race. Last year I passed because I didn’t want to go too hard and put myself in a bad position for the half, but this time? I can do that!

Anybody out there have tips on getting my mojo back?