Week 2: Running with a Cold

Come on. Kindly vacate my body, you stubborn son of a bitch. I am so not used to this. I started to feel better on Monday, but my workouts this week haven’t come easy. By Saturday, what was left of my voice sounded an octave lower and I had an underlying wheeze, but my energy levels were much higher. 

Despite all that, I hit my highest mileage week in a year and if I recall how I felt a year ago, I think I feel much better now. I guess I can stop commenting on how the present week is my highest mileage in a certain amount of time because every week is going to be that way. 

Monday was an easy run of just a few miles. Four was on the schedule but I didn’t want to jump in my first run back after the cluster of a run I tried on the previous Wednesday. Since I didn’t run after those 2 miles, it felt a little rusty. I finished up with some much needed core work (maybe this summer I can have some solid abs? Kidding, my chicken finger sub is laughing at me.)

Tuesday I worked second shift from home so my workout was a little shifted. I still did it at the same time, but on the treadmill and probably much better fueled than normal.  It sucked, to be frank. The written workout was 3 x 1 mile at 7:40ish, with a quarter mile recovery between. I actually did 2 x 1 and struggling to hit 7:50-8:00.  The effort was there, but the legs and lungs were not. 

I took a solid rest day on Wednesday, and easy 3.5 on Thursday, and another rest day on Friday. 

Thanks to global warming, we had the most unseasonably warm Saturday and I totally enjoyed it. It was 60°!  Last week’s long run was supposed to be 10 miles with the final 4 at 8:40. This week’s long run was supposed to be 12 easy. I decided to meet the two in the middle with 11 miles, 3 of the last 4 at 8:40, and a cool down mile. Those 3 faster miles averaged more like 8:25 because I was running just enough behind a guy that I was ever so slightly gaining on him and my legs just did their thing… oops. I would have gone for the final 4 at 8:40 had I actually been running 8:40s but my legs were dead after 3 (and finishing on a healthy incline). 

I really needed Saturday’s fast finish to feel some speed back in my legs but it was a little discouraging because it felt a hell of a lot more challenging than I thought it would. The amount of running I’ve been doing on the treadmill has been mentally tough because my paces feel so much harder, too. I keep telling myself it’s because it’s upper 60s in my basement and probably a bit humid, so if it were outdoors running in those temperatures, I might be feeling that way anyways. It should get easier the more I do it. I hope. 

I took a pretty significant amount of time away from training, so I know I should be easier on myself as far as where I’m coming from and getting to the start of Carmel. I still have like 12 weeks to get me to the start of the marathon and truthfully, that’s a lot of time to get into peak fitness, right?  After being sick for a couple weeks, I’m just ready to be 100% and start to see the gains in my legs and lungs for some encouragement. 

Oh, but good news did come this week! Another year with Nuun!  Which is obviously exciting to me considering how much of this I drink on a daily basis. Without it, I’d probably only drink water immediately after a run and who knows what during the day. 


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