15 Weeks to Carmel

In fifteen weeks I run another marathon, which sounds like a long time, but it’s really only like 105 days, which does not make it feel so far away. 

On New Year’s Day, I received my training plan from Lindsey and Glenn as I laid in bed regretting the third cocktail I made the night before. Fuck.  I read through it, not fully digesting it, but feeling excited for the next few months. I checked over the longest runs, the taper, and the midweek runs. I saw the peak mileage and the goal paces. Nothing felt unattainable, but like I can certainly work towards the tougher workouts in peak weeks but also like I’m not going to burn myself out. Burn out, injuries, and hating training are my biggest fears and nothing about this plan triggers that.

Treadmill, not dreadmill.
With training for a race in April in Indiana while I’m living in Buffalo, which definitely has much cooler weather, I’ll be on the treadmill a bit more. Truthfully, I kind of like that I was given a little nudge towards the treadmill more than the elements so I can be used to running in warmer temperatures just in case. I’m much more apt to get my ass on the treadmill for a run than in the dark, outside, on unshoveled sidewalks. 

There was also some thought to holding off on lifting or CrossFit during training, which I considered. Then I thought more  and decided that would ultimately make me less happy. I know I could potentially make quicker and larger jumps if I cut out the lifting when I’m in my goal race training cycle. I cut back on it during my Pittsburgh building, but I also got completely burnt out. Every goal race I’ve had where I crosstrained with CrossFit or spinning, I got to the start feeling energized and prepared. The couple I backed off on, not as much, plus I had some minor injuries — classes force me to be dedicated to strength training. So that’s really settled it for me. I’ll take running a little slower for this race in order to keep my sanity and doing the things that make me happy. If I were aiming for a BQ? Well, I might reconsider. 

My first week started a little bumpy.  Tuesday I had a stress workout and it seemed really easy. “I got this!” After all, it was just 3 miles with 2 at threshold (approximately 8:10).  Um, not so much. 

We had to take Dunk to the vet after work, so I had a brief 45 minutes to get changed, warmup, and crush it before leaving.  Apparently after a hectic day at work, my mind and body weren’t on the same page because that shit was hard. I hit the treadmill and eased into the 2nd mile, but felt like I was flying off the treadmill even at 8:30 pace according to my watch (9:00 according to the treadmill). The final mile wasn’t any easier. I haven’t done much of any longer speed sessions yet, sticking mostly to intervals of less than a mile, but I didn’t think I should feel this terrible. 

Wednesday morning I went to a CrossFit class, which involved 81 burpees and practicing squat cleans. The good thing about this workout is that it saved my legs. The bad thing about this workout is, well nothing, really. I modified the weights I used in order to not wreak havoc on my body to be able to run again later in the week, otherwise I’d likely have pushed myself a bit more. 

My next stress session was supposed to be 10 miles on Saturday. The windchill here is in sub zero and I didn’t want to deal with that, so I hit the treadmill. Unfortunately, I’m an idiot and I didn’t drink any water on Friday, ate half the amount of calories I do on a normal day, and had a holiday party at night where I had some adult beverages. Usually I can hack out a long run with one of those bad choices the day prior, but all three? Not so much. My first mile was around 10:15, the second 10:25 or so, and the third was approaching 10:40s. I felt off from the start but kept thinking “this will get better” until it kept getting worse. So I hopped off and am flipping my runs around — I’ll do it tomorrow and also make a concentrated effort on not being a hydration/fueling dumbass in the future. 

I also didn’t do anything I should do this week, now that I think about it — bad eating, bad hydrating, no yoga, hardly any foam rolling. Good thing Monday starts a new week, I need to mentally think of it that way and start it off right. The holiday thing the past couple weeks apparently did me in. 


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