Winter is Here

I love a good run in the snow, but I do not love sub zero temperatures and ice, which is exactly what last week brought.  Fortunately, we got our treadmill parts and the tech came to put the entire thing together!  It’s perfect timing because every run this week has been on that thing. Insert eye roll here. 

Two weeks ago I hit my highest mileage since… mid-March. And yes, my goal race was at the beginning of May. Yikes. It was only 17 miles but I’m a notoriously low mileage runner. I’m very much the person in life and running that wants to get the best outcome I can, but with the least amount of time/effort. I’m still figuring out where I fall in that spectrum with running, but when I see people running more and more miles but getting the same result… why?

Recovery last Sunday — not so recovery when you’re fighting snow, eh?
Two weeks ago, I got in four runs. Two easy/recovery, a 15 minute fartlek (not including warmup and cool down), and a 7.5 mile long run. I located a new little running route which will be fun as my runs get longer. It’s a quick, low traffic cut through to a nice four mile path but also I can run along the river and go a couple more miles and get to another bike path I’ve frequented. I saved all of Lindsey Heins’ podcasts for my longer runs this training cycle (I’ll Have Another) because they make the miles fly by. Speaking of Lindsey….
I decided to reach out to her and her husband, Glen, to write me a training plan for Carmel Marathon. They’re both dedicated and fast runners who have coaching experience plus, they are so familiar with Carmel considering they live there and it’ll be a huge help. Let’s face it, whatever I wrote wouldn’t be that great considering it’s only my second one ever. My hope was to work with a coach but financially, that’s just not going to happen right now; I won’t lie though, it’s in my plan. 

This week, I ran every single run on the treadmill because I don’t have to worry about it being dark outside or icy. I also added in an extra day to get me up to five days of running each week, which is my goal for this marathon cycle. I feel like it gives me solid consistency, which I need and I think is the one thing that’s always missed from my training. Another perk is on weeks I feel like I need to cut back and take a little more recovery, it leaves me with the option to take an extra recovery or rest day without f’ing up my entire week. I ran Chicago on three days per week, often. I don’t know how, but I did it. Consistency is going to give me huge, huge boosts. 

So this week was really simple and low key. Three runs were easy and short at just 2.5 miles (or one episode of New Girl or Brooklyn 99, ha!) Another was 3 miles and on Sunday, 6 miles. I considered aiming for 8 miles but I’m not sure I’ve ever run 5 days a week regularly so I want to be extra cautious to start. I’ve also noticed that treadmill running must alter my gait because I’m having minor aches, pains, and tightness that I just don’t experience on the roads. They go away when I get my pace quicker, but I can’t do every running at 8:30/mile or less!

For the past five weeks I’ve increased my mileage and long run, so running a mile less this week (but same amount of time) really isn’t breaking my heart. I’m managing to do all the right things for once – yoga, stretching, warm-ups, and so much foam rolling – so things are looking good.

I still can’t believe I signed up for another marathon, though. I absolutely did not forget the pain of the final four miles of Chicago, or the Gatorade I vomited at the finish. 


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

3 thoughts on “Winter is Here”

  1. I think treadmills definitely change my gait. I can’t run on them without getting injured, which is a huge bummer when it means I have to run outside all winter long.

    I see you have a Fenix 3! I just got one (couldn’t resist the Christmas sales). It has so many features that I’m still trying to learn. Do you have any tips or tricks?


    1. Oh no that sounds terrible… I’ve never been a treadmill runner so I don’t know how to adjust yet. I keep playing with pace and incline hoping to figure out what works and oh so much yoga.

      And yes! I did the same thing as you last year and scored a great deal on it. I was eyeing for over a year before pulling the trigger hahha. There’s so many features I haven’t even delved into them all to be honest. But I did create some of my own apps like one for when I run with my dog, or when I’m doing PT, or CrossFit. Honestly they don’t change much from one to another but I use a heart rate monitor often and track all my runs on another website so it helps with that. I’d just go through the Garmin Connect app and check out all the different widgets and keep playing around til you find what you like and see everything that’s out there! There is a beer counting widget that tallies how many beers you’ve earned on a given run… it’s kind of fun šŸ™‚


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