Focus. Focus. Focus.

As soon as I stated running again – really, truly running again – it came easier and easier. Don’t get me wrong, I still dragged my feet on one of my runs by procrastinating for a couple hours and whining about it… But the paces felt easier than they have and the distances didn’t feel so overwhelming anymore.

We had unseasonably warm temperatures last week, so J and I took Dunk for a fun on Monday.  The overall pace was average for Dunkin when he’s sniffing and exploring (12-13 minute miles), but in reality, is more like 8 minutes moving time. We have a family of deer nearby but D has never seen them, just sniffed like crazy… Until Monday. They were about fifteen feet away and he was sniffing so crazy, then he finally looked up and saw a couple babies and the mom. He was frozen! They’re so used to people, animals, and cars so they just looked back and continued to graze while D was left trying to figure out what just happened!

Wednesday was my next workout, the first true workout I’ve had in many months as far as running goes. In the yoga/running challenge, we are supposed to be running hills. Unfortunately, I’m lacking in that department of my door and have no time after work to drive somewhere when the sun is setting around 5. I opted for a warm-up and then loops around my house with jump squats in my driveway to simulate hills. It’s something I learned in an endurance class at the gym and haven’t done it in probably a year, so I must have forgotten how awful it is! It was a good awful though, I felt the burn for a few days… I missed the DOMS, I won’t lie!

Thursday we picked up the treadmill (yay!) and Friday, I was calling nordictrack to let them know it was packaged broken. I’m so upset. The metal base was completely mangled and the foot rail was cracked, which is even more disappointing since it’s the part of the treadmill that is packaged already assembled.  When I called, they agreed to order new parts, however told me i would have to disassemble the base to replace the parts. What. Did I not purchase a product because that portion was already put together? In was frustrated and argued with customer service about it and they eventually agreed to send me a tech… But odds of this working before Christmas are slim.

I ran my long run on Saturday to keep in line what day the Carmel Marathon falls on, but let’s be real… I prefer Saturday long runs! It wasn’t anything too fancy, just a 10k, but it’s my starting point.  I felt like I could have run a little further but when I come up to the block my house is on, it’s difficult for me to continue on.  

Since I had mega manhattans on Saturday, I got started a little late Sunday. The Bills started at 4, so it didn’t matter much to me.  J told me he wanted to give me a gift early (Saturday) because he wanted to use it. It was an ice mold for whiskey ice cubes. Ironically, I also bought whiskey stones for  his Christmas gift!  We stopped at the liquor store and picked up some goodies which effectively put me on my ass. Despite feeling a little crappy, my recovery run Sunday felt great… After I convinced myself to go outside that is.

I’ve only been running 15-16 miles the past couple weeks with nothing crazy, but I’m quite optimistic where this cycle is going to go. Even during my buildup to Pittsburgh half, I was running 65-75 miles a month. My buildup to Chicago full landed me around 100-110 per month. Right now 15-20/week feels easy, which is promising for what’s to come!


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

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