Seven Months

It took seven months for me to run my highest mileage week since the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. I knew I was slacking, but when I ran about 16 miles last week and saw that was the most since April? Damn. I really did slack hard. Or rather than slack, just took a long mental break I totally needed. 

Last week I really made running the priority. I think that’s been what I’ve been missing the past few months and why I’ve struggled to get going again. I stopped adding running in when it “fit”, instead I made running the thing I had to do and everything else came later. At work, I texted J and told him my plans so when I came home, I did it. I suppose it didn’t hurt that it was a three day work week either, so I had much more time to myself! 

I had a great race at the Turkey Trot, too. In fact, almost a minute faster per mile than I hoped and I had more to give. My fitness hasn’t disappeared as much as I thought which gives me hope for this marathon training cycle. 

I also participated in a Runners Love Yoga instagram challenge that was partnered with Molly Huddle (YES, the Molly Huddle!). It forced me to get out and run, but also pay attention to my mobility. 

Oh and then I bought a freakin’ treadmill! Finally! I have my own place to run when Buffalo winters finally come in! J’s brother in law (sort of – not married yet) told me about this deal Sears had for Black Friday… $599 for a $1599 NordicTrack treadmill. We looked it up on Thanksgiving, I said oh fancy and then with some encouraging from Heather and Laura, along with the final push from J… I ordered it. 

It feels good to get some legs back under me and not want to die after thirty minutes. It could be the fitness coming back or that it was 55° today (in Buffalo!) and I had a great workout. Or maybe I’m just finally ready to go after my goals – it helps having motivating friends (looking at you, Heather!). Stay tuned — more where this came from, for real this time. 


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

2 thoughts on “Seven Months”

  1. I heard NordicTrack had great deals this year. I think you’ll be happy to have it in your house when it gets icy/snowy/whatever. I’m happy for you running your highest mileage in awhile too. That’s awesome.


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