Carmel Marathon – It’s Official

I feel like my theme for the past few months is continually how busy I’ve been, but I think I finally hit the busiest point and maybe now it’ll subside.

In the past month I’ve transitioned into a new role at work, closed on my house, spent a month of salary on appliances, furniture, paint, and other odds and ends, and officially moved my entire life out of my apartment and into my new home. 

It has been exhausting. 

Once I got a closing date, I stopped running. I couldn’t keep up emotionally or physically with packing, learning my new job, and trying to run. I told myself as soon as we were settled into the home, I would start up again. I questioned signing up for the Carmel Marathon, thinking about how nice it’d be to enjoy the new home and doing things to it, but ultimately decided today to go for it.

So yesterday, I handed over my card information and signed up for my second marathon ever. And also the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and my February ritual of Lake Effect Half Marathon. Let’s do this thing. 

I have 6-8 weeks to get some mileage under my belt to start up marathon specific training and the weather isn’t terrible here yet, so that’s a relief. Motivation shouldn’t be too difficult with having some new running territory out my door, either. I’m hoping to score a deal on a treadmill this holiday season, as well. I’ve been perusing Craigslist but I’m really skeptical about buying a treadmill secondhand from a stranger. 

2017, I’m ready for you to be the best running year ever.



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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

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