After the first week with successful, purposeful runs (read: I said I was going to run and actually did it without bailing), I finally felt the drive to dedicate myself to training again.  Maybe it is the leaves changing color and the slightly cooler weather reminding me of cross country races, who knows.  Last weekend I set out on a fun run in the first day with crisp, Fall weather and all of a sudden it hit me. I knew what I wanted to train towards, not necessarily the race, but definitely the distance. I’m ready for the marathon.

I came home and laughed at myself though. This feeling well disappear in a couple days.  In the meantime I appeased myself by looking at potential Spring marathons within driving distance, which to me, is 8 hours or less for a quick trip.  I can push for 12 hours for a weeklong vacation. I think Spring is the best for me because I love to do whatever I want in the Summer.  Yes, it will be absolutely awful training through Buffalo winters and I hated half marathon training in the winter, but I’m hoping training for a longer, slower race will make it more feasible. Besides, my mind is going to change in a few days anyways. I’m not running a marathon.

I found the Carmel Marathon after looking at few others and headed to Twitter for some local input.  Of course, reviews were great and then some friends were all about it.  I joked to J about it, “spring marathon?” and he asked if I had enough time to even get ready for that sort of thing since I haven’t been running.  Sometimes dating a non-runner had its perks. But don’t worry, I’ll change my mind.

I purchased Hanson’s Marathon Method just to see what it was about.  I like reading about training and finding new plans, what’s the harm? Next purchase will likely be a book about training and CrossFit, because I’ll be damned if I have to totally stop doing what has kept me injury free. It doesn’t matter though, I’ll change my mind.

Well, it has been a week and my mind hasn’t changed. I haven’t pulled the trigger and signed up because I’m being careful with spending until we close and buy all the house necessities (budget, what?) but I have the price increase reminder on my phone at the end of October. Mentally, I’ve committed. I’ve told J and friends my plan to do this.  I’ve recognized what it’ll mean for my winter… But I think I’m ready to step up again. 

So there. Next April, I’m going to run another marathon.


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14 thoughts on “Goals!”

  1. I am 10 weeks into hansons (officially 9 but I added a base week ) and I love it. It is absolutely exhausting, but I find myself running longer and stronger than ever before. that said, I have no social life outside of running with people. (I’m even mildly grateful that my boyfriend lives in a different state.) but it’s great for staying on a budget!

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    1. The time commitment is scary, but when isn’t marathon training? Also the exhaustion, eek. But I need to suck it up and recognize that’s what happens! I hear great things about it. Plus what else am I going to do between December and April in buffalo anyways? I’m glad it’s going well for you! I was wondering by your IG posts if you were doing Hansons.

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  2. Honest question: what has made Hansons suddenly explode in popularity this year? Maybe it just hit its tipping point? Ha. Anyway I know a shit ton of people who tried it this year, with varying degrees of success. If you stick to the plan and the prescribed paces it really can make you a faster marathoner. But I also know people who hated running by the end of it. It’s a lot of running and it is not a flexible training method. Just make sure you’re well aware of how it will fit into your life. A lot of bloggers I know started this plan and dropped it…for some of them it may truly have not been a good fit but for many of them I get the sense that they didn’t really know what they were getting themselves into.

    Good luck! I’m sure whatever you decide will be well thought out and you’ll have a great training cycle! You are ready 🙂


    1. I’m not sure, I always shied away from Hansons cuz omg so much running. I’m still not totally sold on it, but am leaning towards it. I also have a couple other books at home that I’m going to browse their plans, or consider seeing if one of the coaches at the gym would be interested in being hired and coordinating my goals with my strength training. I won’t lie though, the 1 rest day thing makes me nervous!


  3. Woo hoo! Congrats on mentally committing to running a spring marathon! What did you think of the Hanson’s plan? I see a lot of people using it, and a lot of people saying what a tiring plan it is, and am curious what makes this particular plan more tiring than say Pfitz’s 18/55 plan. I too like to read about different training plans and really like some of the workouts I’ve seen from other people’s Hanson’s plan, but I don’t know much about the full training plan. Congratulations also on what sounds like your house hunt moving forward!


    1. I think Hansons looks like it’ll definitely make my faster but I am considered with just one day of rest. But the whole cumulative fatigue/training for the last 16 miles and not the first 16 is also appealing to me. I haven’t looked into Pfitz, surprisingly. I was using McMillan for my previous half and it worked well, I just fell off the wagon so I might consider that too. And thank you! Right now we are just waiting for the OK to close and final inspection to complete (the sellers didn’t have the electrical updated by the time the bank went out — sigh.)


  4. If you’re wanting to stick with Crossfit, I’d say that following Hanson’s isn’t a great idea. With the volume and intensity of running that comes with Hanson training I’d say you’d be facing overtraining which is a concern especially if you’re susceptible to injuries. If you’re adamant about following a plan (and not getting a coach) look at Pfitzinger – particularly the 18/55 plan (18 week plan that peaks at 55). Pfitz has a book (Advanced Marathoning) that contains the plan but I’m sure you can probably find it if you Google. Just my 2 cents from a coaching perspective, good luck!

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    1. Thanks, I appreciate it! Most likely the only crossfit I’ll be doing no matter what plan (unless a CF endurance one) consists of gymnastic movements and then light Olympic lifting for strength because more than that and I’m too exhausted for more than just easy runs! I’m also looking at McMillan and Daniels, but haven’t looked too closely at Pfitz yet. I’ll check that one out too!

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  5. I am *loving* Hanson’s right now and have seen my running improve quite a bit! I think if people really commit to it, it’ll work. It definitely is A LOT of running but like I said, if you stick with it, you get used to it–and you really get to trusting the plan.

    Like I said, I love it so far and I NEVER thought I’d be able to run as much as I’ve been running. I did do some base training leading up so as not to go from 0 miles to 60, lol, and that helped me ease into the increased mileage (I was always in the 35 range for total mileage–now my weekly average is 45).

    I agree with a poster above that maybe Crossfit wouldn’t be the best to do while using Hanson’s, but it sounds like you’re doing a lot of what my other Hanson’s friend did (Alison at Inverted Sneakers) and she mixed both perfectly.

    Ultimately, if YOU like it, go for it. People will always have their own opinions on things but at the end of the day, you’re the one doing the running 🙂 ❤ Can't wait to follow your journey!!!


    1. Ahh Alison was definitely the first person to make me go “Hmmm Hansons??” But it’s such a big choice I feel. For right now at least I can slowly build my mileage back up and see what I feel like in another month or two. December would be about when I need to really decide which path to go. So many people seem to love Hansons though!


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