The Things That Have Happened Since I Stopped Training

I’m still trying. I’m still trying to get back in the swing of things. I’m failing miserably. But it’s okay. I know how to get myself back at it (sign up for a race) but I haven’t found The Race or felt compelled to really suck it up and just get out there. So in the meantime, here I am just doin’ me.  Besides, I would never miss the Lake Effect Half Marathon so likely that’s going to be the It Race back. 

Now that it’s been about for months since my hiatus began, I’ve realized somethings have happened. 

I drink more coffee.

I’ve been a coffee drinker since student teaching in 2010, but I was the girl who could skip it on weekends or randomly during the week without any issues. Now? Without it, I feel like a zombie. Like that time I tailgated way too hard thinking I was still 19 and went to bed drunk, but had to work Monday on poor drunk sleep.

I sleep more.

Related to the coffee, I sleep so much and still require all the coffee.  When I’m training, I expend more energy and feel tired but it’s a different tired. It’s an energized mind, but tired legs and muscles.  I sleep from about 11pm to 7am and then come home and nap for about an hour (or 2.5 on Friday). I probably don’t need the sleep but my body doesn’t function well without it anymore.

I gained weight.

I’m not sure if this is a lack of cardio paired with terrible diet weight gain or a #gainz (ha.) weight gain. I feel like my body looks the same, particularly my midsection, which is where any gain usually goes if it isn’t muscle, so maybe the CrossFit is doing things. Plus my biceps and shoulders are looking like I’m relieved it’s still tank top season, but who knows when you’ve put on about 8 lbs. There is a fair chance it’s the combination of the two!

I drink less water.

Because I drink more coffee.

I drink more beer.

I feel less guilty about eating like shit, this includes beer. After a run, I’d enjoy some Nuun and maybe a beer, but not after every run. Plus when I get frustrated, I’d just run it out. Now? Pop the top of whatever craft beer is in my fridge, please.

I’m happier.

It’s true. Nailing runs, hitting paces and feeling that sense of accomplishment on race day feels great. But the other things in life make me feel just as good and lately, kind of better. I’m enjoying more time with James, I’m hanging out with friends I normally didn’t because after putting running first, I had to choose between my fam (J and Dunkin) or spending more time away from them. You can guess which I picked.

I’m enjoying the reprieve, though. Which is a huge reason I’m not chomping at the bit to get back out there.  Life is a little busy still (hopefully closing on our home in less than a month!) and I’m transitioning over to a new job at the same time so truthfully, even if I did miss the running and hard training, it just isn’t the right time.

Funny story though, the above was written all on Saturday… And now, as of Monday night? I think I found The Race and The Groove is starting to come back, too.


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

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