Beer Miles and Heat Stroke

I’d say thankfully my title doesn’t go hand in hand, but in reality I wish it did. 

The week kicked off with a stressful day of from work.  After spending the 4th of July weekend working, I took off Monday to give myself a the day weekend.  J and I took the Dunk to Zoar Valley which is a wonderful place to hike and “swim” (I don’t think it’s technically allowed).  

So the day started bright and early, Dunk was so excited! It’s a short .75 mile hike into the gorge, all downhill and shady.  Once you get into the gorge and river, you can hike in the water and it’s just so clean and beautiful. We hiked about another .75 upstream and Dunkin was charging geese, swimming, drinking water, and overall enjoying life. Then all of a sudden he stopped on a dime, threw up, and laid down, closing his eyes. Talk about scary! He was somewhat unresponsive and wouldn’t walk so after a few minutes of him not getting better or worse, we made the decision to leave. Since Dunkin want walking, J had to carry him out of the gorge. It took about an hour to make it back to the car and we rushed him to our vet. By the time we got there, he was walking and much more normal, but still scary. As it turns out, he had heatstroke!  They gave him fluid and sent him home — he was fine within a few hours!

Lesson learned: even if your dog is accustomed to exercising in heat, you can’t be too careful. Here in NY, we are having a moderate and severe drought which had made the earth much warmer than usual. Due to this and Dunkin not having a full stomach, it was a recipe for disaster. Since, we’ve been keeping him inside much more despite his protests for longer walks and some runs!

Moving onto happier things, I finally completed my first beer mile!  All my friends were teasing me because I was walking with them rather than running.  Truthfully it wouldn’t be fun doing it solo, but I do want to honestly try it once. The winning make is the world record holder (sponsored by Brooks) who ran it in under find minutes, and the winning female ran in under 8. I don’t think I could run it quite that fast without practice but we stayed to see the as second female come in and didn’t see her because we stopped watching around 10 minutes in. I might have been able to do that!  Full disclosure – I’ve never been a chugger, but I surprised myself!  The Yuengling went down super smooth and it was a good time overall.

Screenshots of snapchat, oops

I still haven’t made my return to running but it’s been so hot here, I can’t fathom it. I did one running workout from the Lift Heavy Run Long group at 5:30 in the morning with a friend and that was about it.  I have hit some lifting PRs, including my clean and jerk, though.

Still have to fix that back foot!

We’re still in the house hunt after finding a great one, putting in an offer, and then finding out the sellers were taking it off the market because they realized they couldn’t get what they needed to for it in order for them to move. That was a little deflating but it already helped us save more and get some other things in order, so there’s always a bright side!
Oh! And I won a remote car starter through a promotion that was set up at the Buffalo Half Marathon! We had to take a photo at their booth and share our on social media with their hashtag. How cool is that?

Stay cool out there!


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