Mind, Body, and Soul

It’s been just over a week since the Pittsburgh Half Marathon and the mojo I thought I would find has been mostly non-existent.  After a couple days off, I thought I’d get back into it but when the time came to run, I wanted to do everything but, so I did everything but.  I felt a little guilty about that and I still kind of do.  After training for so long towards a goal I feel like I’m copping out a bit.

Right now my mind, my body, and my soul are all conflicted.

My mind rejects absolutely every idea of running right now.  The moment I consider running, my mind revolts it almost instantly.  Nope, nope, nope.

My body feels like running is hard. It should feel hard after sitting around doing nothing with it for a week.

My soul looks at races and goals and feels motivated.  It looks at previous years’ races results and checks out current year’s competition. It still feels a passion to run and compete.

With Buffalo being a few weeks away and my desire to train being non-existent, I’ve decided to run Buffalo for fun. Two of my cousins are running their first half marathon and I’m going to run with at least one of them! I know Laura enjoyed seeing me cross three Chicago finish line and being there every step of that 4 hours and 20 minutes, and you know what? Maybe I should try that too.

To be honest, I’ve never really run a race for fun… I usually race it at whatever my current fitness level is, which is always me trying to reach the next level and attempt to PR. That’s kind of exhausting and I think partially why I’m kind of miserable right now. I need to find my love of running again.

Truthfully, I’m a little worried about taking a hiatus and running as I please. I feel like it took so much effort to be in realm of sub 8 minutes miles during a half marathon again, but maybe I’m a little crazy. It took me so long to get here because I couldn’t run for 18 months. For crying out loud, I had to run/walk from June 2014 until September 2014! I want even comfortable running 10 miles weeks until January 2015! I really shouldn’t freak out, but I kind of am. And I feel like I’m giving up a little. But honestly, my life is a little stressful and I need to dial back things that stress me out more, which is running right now.

I am however, going to run the 5k Saturday before the race. Last year I passed because I didn’t want to go too hard and put myself in a bad position for the half, but this time? I can do that!

Anybody out there have tips on getting my mojo back?


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14 thoughts on “Mind, Body, and Soul”

  1. It’s only been a week. Give it another week and see how you feel. Start back slowly and use your running time to reflect and figure out where you want to go from here. I’m betting after Buffalo you’ll get it all figured out.


    1. Thanks, it has only been a week since Pittsburgh but unfortunately, I haven’t even truly enjoyed training for about a month prior to Pittsburgh. Hopefully after buffalo, things feel better!


  2. I agree with what rhannon said – a week isn’t really enough time to come to the conclusion that you lost your mojo. In 7 days your body is still trying to recover and adjust to the sudden change in routine. I didn’t run for an entire week after Pgh either. My first run back was this past Sunday and it was only 30 minutes, then last night I ran 40. I share your concerns about balancing recovery with maintaining fitness. I too am afraid that I’m going to lose all my fitness without a training plan this summer and then when it’s time to train again I’ll be back at square one. But what’s the alternative? I push myself back into training with too much too soon and end up injured/burnt out and then lose even MORE of my fitness?

    Take a few more weeks to just figure out what you want and let your body readjust to a new normal. It’s probably good that you’re running Buffalo for fun. While I too don’t like to run races “for fun”, I think it’s different doing that on your own because you’re not prepared for the race versus doing it with other people so you can share the experience with them. I’m sure you’ll have a great time.


    1. I totally agree, one week isn’t enough… Except for the most part, I haven’t wanted to train for about a month leading into Pittsburgh. I did it because I had to, but I really fizzled out mentally. Hopefully Buffalo gives me a little spark. I do love racing! Just not loving the work needed leading into it right now.


  3. I think running for fun could be your game changer here. Try just going without a watch, without a set distance, and find a pretty place and just go for how ever long you please at whatever pace feels natural. Sometimes we just need to unplug and recharge to get back to our roots and find that spirit again.


  4. I think running the next half for fun is going to do you a lot of good! You’re going to notice the crowds more, the cheering, the volunteers, the runners giving it their all–it’s going to allow you to see a race a way you rarely do because you’ve been concentrating so hard on goals lately.

    I have a good feeling you’ll find your mojo soon! πŸ™‚


  5. I think you’re making the right choice. If your mojo isn’t there it’s not, and there is absolutely no reason to stress about it. I always take some time completely away from running and then come back. That seems to help me enjoy it more.


  6. I’m sitting at my desk “working” instead of getting in a lunch time run. Ever since Boston I’ve kind of lost my mojo also.
    I run twice a week and have a handful of races scheduled over the summer. Last year I had at least one race per week scheduled.
    I feel like I’m on a long-term taper, but no big race is scheduled.
    Hang in there, the mojo will come back. You may surprise yourself and run your race as hard as you can instead of at tourist speed.


  7. I can so relate to what you wrote – the mind not feeling like running, the body feeling like it’s just hard, but the soul still wanting to race. For me I also feel like my A goal probably isn’t in reach at this point for me and that has really dampened my motivation. Right now it just seems hard and like I’m not making progress and, for me, I need to see the progress to feel motivated.
    Helly has a great point in her comment that running this upcoming half for fun and enjoying the crowds and atmosphere could really make a difference in getting your mind and body in the spirit to want to race too. My mojo comes and goes and while I never know what exactly will spark it to return, it always does in time.


  8. I’ve been there – multiple times. what works for me (I’m a morning runner) is to jump out of bed and run. no prepping anything and just run a couple miles to get myself going again. Once I was even still in my pajamas. Once I’m out of the house I feel better. Once I’ve run a few times the mojo starts to return. Good luck and hang in there!


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