Race Day Ready

As this is posted, I’ll be in the middle of running the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.  It’ll most likely be about 60°, cloudy, and raining. Obviously, Pittsburgh saved the best weather for this weekend. 

I haven’t run since Tuesday, mostly out of laziness and opportunity. So when I taper, I apparently taper hard. That means I’ll have either really fresh legs or bricks.  

When I picked Pittsburgh as my goal race, I really didn’t think I’d show up with such a whacky, totally unplanned taper. But here I am, underprepared, random, impulsive and still undecided about things like my hair, my socks, when I want to drink my morning Gen UCAN, if I want to listen to music and how I want to warm up.  It’s a good thing I don’t stress much, huh?

So the plan?  The plan is to still aim for a PR…ish. I’m not going balls to the wall out of the corral, but I want to ease to PR pace. I don’t want to burn out early. 

I’m going to start with a comfortable (hopefully) 7:50-8:00 pace. I know the hills in the beginning will be kind to me so I’m not concerned about blowing up on them. I also know that after mile 11, I will deal with some steep-ish climbs and then after mile 12, once I hit the down hill, I’ll just ride that fast to the finish. Ultimately, my goal is to feel strong and run fast until mile 12 because after that, the downhill will carry tired legs. Ideally, I want to finish 10 miles in about 78 minutes because if I can knock out a 24 minutes 5k to finish, that’s a PR. 

The ultimate A goal that I’m not really sure I trained for is sub 1:40.

B goal, that I think is doable is to PR, or sub 1:42:49. 

C goal is under 1:45. 

D goal is finish without an injury and live to run another day. 

It’s go time! 


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

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