Prep Phase Week 4 of 6: Pittsburgh Half Marathon

I’m back to my weeks being a blur.  Wake-up.  Go to work.  Come home.  Force myself out for a run.  Shower.  Try to stay awake.  Eat dinner (thanks J for being the chef and keeping me fed.) Try to stay awake.  Probably nap.  Wake-up.  Take Dunks for a walk.  Go to sleep.  Repeat.  It’s a blur.

I’m still hovering around 18 miles per week; it’s a far cry from the 30 I thought I’d be at.  Such is life lately.

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 20 minutes easy
Wednesday – 15 minutes PT exercises
Thursday – 10 minutes w/ Dunks, 25 minutes PT exercises
Friday – 25 minutes easy
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Lake Effect Half Marathon

The weather was still stupid this week.  I really don’t know why I continue to train for spring races, it’s not my forte.  I enjoy winter running on my own schedule.  I do not enjoy trying to fit in hard workouts when the weather is never consistent.  Maybe when I have my own house and I can stick a treadmill in it, things will change.  But I should have known better when picking Pittsburgh.

That being said… there’s a lot of things I’d rather do than recap this week because I’m disappointed in my ability to actual get shit done, but that’s not really honest.  So without further adieu, here’s a crappy week that ended on a high note.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 20 minutes easy
11:00 pace overall/76% MHR
I wanted to go longer, but the snow made the roads and sidewalk slick.  I could feel my ankle start to get twinge-y and said “eff this!” and grabbed some tacos on the way home for dinner.

My first Lloyd's taco.
Tuesday Dinner: My first Lloyd’s taco.

Wednesday – Rest/15 minutes PT
My glutes were pretty unhappy after stabilizing on the ice the day before, so I spent 15 minutes doing some focused work.  It was enough to give them a slight burn, but not too much to make me tired going into the weekend.

Thursday – 10 minutes w/ Dunkin, 25 minutes PT
I attempted to take the pup out and he wasn’t having it.  I had every intention of leaving once J got back and going on my own run but it was pitch black when he returned.  Instead, I did another bout of PT exercises to hopefully strengthen my legs for Sunday.

Friday – Easy 25 minutes
This felt a little bit better than everything earlier in the week.  I would have kept going another 15 minutes but I didn’t wear gloves because I thought it was warm.  It was not warm.

Lake Effect Saturday Tradition!
Lake Effect Saturday Tradition!

Saturday – Rest
I took Dunks for a long walk and anticipated my own 20-30 minute shakeout run.  That didn’t happen.  My Mom was on her way of to watch Dunks and we had to skeedaddle to get to Syracuse for no reason other than I wanted to get on the road with my man.  We ate Polish food (tradition), had a beer, and relaxed in the hotel.

Sunday – Lake Effect Half Marathon
8:38 pace overall/85% MHR
My plan was to channel my inner Desi.  I somewhat did.  I kept my cool and I successfully pushed it in the end.  I got a great workout in and a good idea of fitness with some new numbers to plug into McMillan.  I’m happy with my outcome.  I’m happy that I got to spend the morning catching up with Laura at boozy blues brunch with Dawn (who I’m claiming as my new speedy friend.)  I spent the ride home napping and thinking about running.  There’s a lot more to come soon, race recap included!


I kind of dropped the ball on the whole StrongBody streak last week (oops, and this week too so far.)  On a positive note, I’m doing much better training than I was last year at this time.  If nothing else, I’m keeping a consistent base and adding in some workouts.  And at the bare minimum, I’m making progress towards a goal.


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6 thoughts on “Prep Phase Week 4 of 6: Pittsburgh Half Marathon”

  1. Nice job! And it’s great that you were able to run the race as a hard training run. That’s awesome! I know I’m incapable of doing that, so I don’t even sign up for races unless I know I’m able to race them… even if I wasn’t planning on racing, I’d end up being stupid and racing anyway!


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