Pittsburgh Base Building – Week 7 of 8

I realized I haven’t actually looked at my training plan in weeks.  Making a plan for the base building portion of my training wasn’t necessary and more of a formality than anything.  My focus was consistency in mileage and a better build than I had for the Buffalo Half Marathon last year, which I’ve easily achieved so far.

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – PT exercises [40 minutes]
Wednesday – Dunkin Run [30 minutes]
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Easy [50 minutes]
Saturday – Hills [50 minutes] and yoga [20 minutes]
Sunday – Dunkin Run [60 minutes] and yoga [20 minutes]

I have two pairs of pants on.
Wednesday’s OOTD.

Monday – Rest
After a high mileage weekend for me right now, rest was needed.  The weather was pretty cold so it worked well.

Tuesday – PT Exercises
Running was ideal, but the weather kept me inside.

Set 1: 20 steps lateral mini band walks, 20 squats w/ bands [repeat]
Set 2: 20 bridges w/ band, 20 shoulder plank things w/ band [repeat]
Set 3: 20 single leg RDLS (each side), 20 single leg squats (each side) [repeat]
Set 4: :30 forearm plank, :30 side plank (each side), :30 reverse plank

Then I repeated it all over again.  My glutes and hip flexors were definitely feeling it!

Wednesday – Dunkin Run
It was snowy and frigid, but after two days off I really couldn’t justify staying in again.  I took Dunks out and we came back with icicles on our noses and snow covering our faces!  He’s too funny; he absolutely loves the snow.

Thursday – Rest
I debated running Thursday vs. Friday and ultimately Friday won out because the weather was supposed to be nicer and I could wear shorts!  My second rest day it was.

Friday – Easy
I planned a 10k route while I was at work, but ended up looping back home after 5 miles because I did wear shorts and unfortunately, didn’t think about how much colder it would get in the hour I’d be running.  Rookie mistake for an easy run.  I wore my heart rate monitor, but paid only some attention to it.  I ran a route with some hills and decided partway through to increase my pace and drive on each one.  Had I been a little more prepared in my clothing, I may have stayed out a little longer… but at the same time, I’ve recently found it difficult to spend too much time after work on Friday out running because I’d rather be home with my guys.

Saturday – Hills, Yoga

Quads be on fire.
Quads be on fire.

Oof.  That’s the only word that describes this run.

I asked the Twitter account for Erie County Parks what Chestnut Ridge looked like since we had a bunch of snow followed by warm weather.  They said it was a little slushy, but you could see the pavement, so I decided to drive the 30 minutes out to the park for my long run on hills.  Well, I went the more hilly route (duh) and the first half mile was pavement and then it got really bad.  I’m not exaggerating when I say 6 inches of slush and wet snow.  Some parts were already turning ice since it was just hitting freezing again during my run and most of it was already filled with other people’s foot prints and dog paw prints.  It was just a hot, hot mess.  My quads and calves were burning from the start because every step I took, slid me back an inch or so.

After two miles out, I decided to turn around.  I wasn’t getting quality miles in and it was at the point where I felt more time spent in these conditions would be doing more harm than good.  I’m all for a good workout that challenges my muscles in different ways, but at some point the risk outweighs the reward.  When I got back to my car at mile 4, I noticed the other side of the park looked clean.  Go figure, I got half mile out that way and it still was all pavement!  At that point though, my legs were trashed and I couldn’t handle any more hills, so I turned around and finished out with five pretty difficult miles.

I’m still awful with stretching, so in the evening I drank my beer, got a buzz, and did some injury prevention yoga.  I love Fiji McAlpine’s yoga videos.  You can check out this one here.  It’s very simple and quick.  Plus I love that her voice is soothing but not obnoxious.

Saturday's hills.
Saturday’s hills.

Sunday – Recovery with Dunks
The last thing I wanted to do was get out of bed and run; my body was exhausted!  Dunkin had a rough night though and his allergies were really out of control, so the only option was to exhaust him to the point where he only wanted to sleep instead of itch.  For his sake, I got my butt up and we headed out.  It was very stop and go — he wanted to sprint ahead and then stop and sniff, so that’s what we did.  Sprint.  Sniff.  Sprint.  Sniff.  Even a mile and half in, I didn’t want to run — those two beers from Saturday were definitely felt.  It ended up working out though, because eventually I felt better and it took an hour of running before Dunks started to slow, and even stopped when we got home rather than pulling for more.  As I type this, the lake effect snow has hit and I can’t see the trees across the street so it’s a good thing we got out there together.  Having a dog certainly has its perks — I needed to run and didn’t want to at all, but he kept me accountable!

Consistency has been the overall goal for this base building and while I’m not at the 25 miles per week I was hoping for at this point, I’ve maintained more consistency than I normally have in winter.  This week finished out with another 17 mile week, so the past three have been 17, 15, and 17 miles.  I’m happy with that.

With one more week of “base building” only, I want to finally hit 20 mile territory for the week.  It shouldn’t be difficult if I can get a solid long run in that’s 8-9 miles (longest lately has been 5 miles at a time).  I have Tuesday off so I can watch Dunks while J takes care of some stuff, so having extra time for some miles will be nice.  Unfortunately, this week is going to be a little chillier but early reports show the following week will be back up into the mid 30s, which will be great as I add in real hill training and some speed training.  Buffalo weather this winter has been fabulous for runners!


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6 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Base Building – Week 7 of 8”

  1. Nice job! Running in the snow/slush is tough! And the cold doesn’t help either. I find that 30°+ doesn’t affect my pace too much, but I start slowing down some once it drops into the 20s.


    1. We (thankfully) haven’t had many days yet below 30° but when we have, it’s also been ALL snow, so I’ve never really had a chance to notice my pace. I’m not keen on running in the street though, I have car fears in the city. It would make life much easier!


    1. We are waaaaay below the norm for snow. In the city, we got our first true snow this month — so crazy! I hate/love it though. It slows me down but I feel like my legs get a more solid workout in.. Just less miles.

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