Week 4 of 8 – Pittsburgh Base Building

After a busy, somewhat stressful, but overall happy holiday, I’m more than happy to say good-bye to the holiday season and move forward in 2016.  It’s not to say that the holidays weren’t good, they mostly were, and I’m certainly not wishing away the shortened work weeks, either.  I’ve just come to the point where I want to not plan to be anywhere or plan to make food, or plan anything at all!

Monday – AM Easy Run (40 minutes)
As I eluded to last week, I had a great run on Monday.  The weather was really warm, shorts were warranted, and we were out the door by 6am which is really unheard of for me.  If you take out the stop time we need for Dunkin’s sniff/potty breaks, we averaged 10:16 pace which is always more than comfortable for us.

Tuesday – AM Easy Run (25 minutes), PM CrossFit
Tuesday’s run felt great, too and I was happy that I would be going to the gym after work.  It was a short run, just enough to get the legs moving. We averaged about 10:34 pace.

CrossFit was kind of tough.  We warmed up with various kettlebell exercises (halos, windmills, rows) and then practiced technique for cleans.  We started with just the shrug to get that movement before practicing the “tall” clean, where you don’t dip, so you have absolutely no momentum and you need to get under the bar fast.  This is something I struggle with so it was good practice.  I always feel like I’m shrugging up and not away from my body, or like I’m flipping my elbows out fast and holding them high but I’m really not.  It explains my frequent collar bone bruises!  I kept light weights on the sets afterwards because while I could lift heavier for the hang power clean, I struggle with sinking into an actual squat.  The sequence was hang power clean, front squat, then squat power clean.  I did 6 or 7 of these at 44 lbs.

The actual workout was an 8 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible).  Before and after the 8 minutes, there were 3 minutes of “cash in” and “cash out” — double unders once and rope climbs the other time.  I’ve never done a double under or jump roped in class for that matter because my tendonitis was always a little flared.  I’m fine now, so for the first time, I grabbed a jump rope.  By the time the 3:00 was up, I had done maybe 10 double unders total, only able to work up to two in a row… I’ll take it!  The rope climbs were another story; I really struggle with getting my feet to properly grab the rope.

The AMRAP was 9 toes to bar, 20 Russian kettlebell swings (24lbs for me), and 10 hand release push-ups (on my knees).  I did 6 complete sets.  I’m still working on my toes to bar and hopefully I’ll be able to string together more than a couple strict push-ups soon!

We napped hard.  Snapchat courtesy of J.
We napped hard. Snapchat courtesy of J.

Wednesday – Rest
I took it pretty easy Wednesday.  I was a little sore and other than a 45 minute walk with the pup, I wasn’t too eager to move much!

Thursday – Rest
I had every intention of running before work, I really did.  I was a little tired, if I recall, it was a little rainy, and I just didn’t want to do it.  So I didn’t.  After work, we headed straight to my aunt and uncle’s for dinner.  It was a long night full of food, whiskey, and homemade wines.  Oof.

Friday – Rest
Another day I had every intention of running, but didn’t.  I knew it was going to be a busy day — after J and I do Christmas morning together, we go to his Mom’s for breakfast and immediate family gifts, then with my family for our immediate family gifts and lunch, then back to his Mom’s for dinner with extended family.   I assumed we could get up a little early and I’d take Dunkin out for a 20-30 minute run before starting the day.  Unfortunately the alarm didn’t go off, we didn’t get up early, in fact we got up an hour before we had to be at his Mom’s.  Scratch that plan!

Saturday – Rest
After the busy Thursday/Friday, J and I both kept it low key.  We took Dunks for a long walk to the park and spent the day together as a little family.  It consisted of ordering takeout, bathing the dog, and binge watching Making a Murder on Netflix. I know, what an exciting life we lead, huh?

"C'mon, let's go down THIS path!"
“C’mon, let’s go down THIS path!”

Sunday – Trail/Mud Run (55 minutes)
I wanted to go run at Chestnut Ridge but the weather hindered that plan, plus I was going to see my best friend’s baby (she lives out of town and had her first this past fall).  I decided to see if I could convince Dunks to run with me despite the rain.  He was not happy and dodged every puddle for the first mile which made things challenging for me, but once we got to his favorite park and he got his paws wet, he started running through the mud like a nut!  It was so muddy, but he was leaping and having so much fun.  I just sucked it up and got my sneakers soaked; what was I going to do, stop him?

Now that the holidays are in the past, scheduling runs should be a little easier.  Even though it’s getting a little harder to wake up before work to run, as long as I keep my energy high for when I come home, I can squeeze in an easy run with myself or the pup.  I finally feel like my legs and body are back to pre-marathon training/racing.  My hip hasn’t bothered me in a while and since I haven’t done a ton of exercises to strengthen it, I’m wondering if the time off was all I needed… but I’m still trying to not forget about all that pre-hab I’ve learned.


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