Pittsburgh Base Building: Weeks 2 and 3 of 8

After a moderately successful second week of base building, I started to write my recap and felt uninspired. You know you’re doomed when you can’t even put words to paper — err, a computer screen — on something that is literally just looking back at data your watch spewed out for you.  So, while I’m still able, I took a full week off from everything.


I had no desire to run, read about running, blog about running, or talk about running.  Not only did I not want to participate in anything running related, I couldn’t fathom thinking about any kind of exercise.  I slept.  I lounged on the couch.  I drank terrible Arbor Mist while wrapping presents.  (Side note – not a purchase of my own and it was as awful as I remembered it from college.) To be totally honest, I barely even walked the dog more than half mile at a time.

When Sunday rolled around, I felt like I wanted to run again, but decided to give it just one more day to really get some motivation brewing.  It worked.  I was ready.

So to recap the second week of my base building, I used it as a slight cut back because I was already building before the “official” build.  I like taking a little bit off of my training every 4th week because it makes my graphs look pretty in my RunningAHEAD log, but mainly because I want to be rested before I need rest.  Obviously I didn’t get enough rest as I outlined above.

I took Monday off, as per the schedule. I was feeling “it” from the day before and I’m realizing these Monday rest days are phenomenal after a day at work!

On Tuesday, I went for a morning Dunkin run but my hip was feisty.  I ran two miles and called it, before walking almost a mile home with the pup.  There’s simply no need to push at this point. I’m happy to get out there and get 20 minutes in, even if that’s all I can do.

I tried running again on Wednesday and had a more successful time out.  We ran for about 32 minutes (2.7 miles) and my hip didn’t bother me at all.  I was slated for 45 minutes but given when I left the house, I just didn’t have time.

In the evening I was thinking about how awful my hip felt the day(s) before and how I should do some physical therapy exercises. One beer later and BAM I’m on the floor getting down with my minibands.  I did two rounds of exercises which consisted of miniband walks, shoulder mobility (or strengthening, rather?) with the bands, bridges with the bands, single leg RDLs with 10lb weights, and single leg squats.

Thursday was a rest day from running, which meant strength training.  I headed to CrossFit after work and practiced chest pulls and power cleans.  I finally started to track my PRs because I’ve been going to regular (read: non endurance specific) class’s and it’s kind of important to know where I’m at. I’ve been putting my workouts (for CrossFit) into the app Behind the Whiteboard, which is pretty awesome.  I also started to put my PRs on my PR page because lifting is just as exciting as running to PR in, at least to me!  They aren’t anything crazy right now because I haven’t been actively practicing and tracking but hopefully soon I’ll have some good ones.  I’m excited to put actual work in on that front.  The workout was as many rounds as possible in 18 minutes of the following: 15 – 18″ box jumps (I did step ups), 12 push presses (33 lbs for me), and 9 toes to bar.  I did 6 full rounds, finishing my last toes to bar when the buzzer sounded.  I have a lot of work to do with kipping on the bar but I’ve actually gotten the motion down for a couple strings together which is the best I’ve done yet!  I’m happy with it.  Everything I do is scaled so in cases like this, it’ll be less about increasing rounds and more about increasing weights/improving the movement.

Even though I had a run scheduled, I took Friday off.  It’s really hard for me to get moving the morning after CrossFit.  My body could probably use some yoga instead, or a nice walk. Note to self: schedule something in and do it.

On Saturday, Dunks and I went to Chestnut Ridge and it was gorgeous.  I dressed in shorts and had a lightweight jacket on, mostly so I could carry the poop bags.  That ended up around my waist, ’80s style after about five minutes. We hit some trails and he was loving it just as much as I was.  While the trails weren’t too technical, it was my first trail run in over a year; the leaves were covering the entire path so I couldn’t see any roots, etc., and to top it off, I was trying to run with a dog on a leash.  To say it was difficult was an understatement.  We only ran for about 30 minutes, but added in a more “technical” hike for our cool down.  As much as I love snow, I’m enjoying this much more.

On Sunday, my hip was irritated as I expected, so I just enjoyed a leisurely walk with the pup.  Hills seem to put some extra strain on me and it’s like a non-so-gentle reminder to stop neglecting the “boring” stuff with pre-hab and post-hab.

The following week was another story, however.  I woke up bright and early on Monday for a 35 minute run.  It went pretty well, too.  In fact, our third mile had hardly any sniffing and we cruised through it in 10:00, which is not typical of a morning run.  I felt really good.

The perfect depiction of my week.
The perfect depiction of my week.

The rest of the week flopped. I felt lethargic. I had things to finish up for Christmas. I kept opening up my training log and closing it immediately. I tried to blog but I was annoyed and bored with it. I went to read my feed of blogs I follow, hoping it snap me out of the funk, but I couldn’t even muster the energy to care about what I was reading. By Thursday morning I knew the feeling wasn’t going to change but also knew it was very temporary. I decided to nix the week entirely and try again on Monday. It wasn’t going to make or break my training and I definitely didn’t want to start a big cycle off any bad notes.

As I write this on Monday, after a very successful run, I can honestly say I feel 100% better. I’ve found motivation intrinsically and enjoyed reading the blogs I neglected last week. I’m happy to think about training and I’m energerized again. Sometimes it just takes a few days away…


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6 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Base Building: Weeks 2 and 3 of 8”

  1. I think it’s great you are tracking CF PR’s now too, you work hard for all of them (running and non) and have every right to own them! Also, like you said helps you know where you’re at!


  2. i’m sorry about your hip. that sucks! what happened?

    Also, I’m glad I am not alone when I have the days of not wanting to run and just not feeling it. It will pass. Keep running 🙂


    1. My hip has been on/off bothering me since May. My glutes need strengthening! So when I don’t put the work in and activate them/keep good form, I pay for it. And you’re definitely not alone in having those days, I think everyone does!!

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