A Better Week

After last week’s disaster, if you will, I was determined to make this week infinitely better.  I was mildly successful.  I ran more, blew my budget, cried from laughing too hard, cleaned my house, snuggled my dog, and drank slightly more than normal (this post, over three nights, brought to you by Black Button Lilac Gin, a locally made, small batch gin, Not Your Father’s Root Beer, because I’m trying clear out the fridge to make room for stouts, porters and winter saisons.  And finally, Flying Bison’s Bison Warmer.  Oh, you want to be my friend on Untappd?  Sure!)  So I mean, this week had its ups and downs for sure.

I was exhausted again on Sunday night and eventually headed to bed long before the last football game finished — so unlike me.  My alarm went off at 6am on Monday and I decided running wasn’t feasible.  It might have had something to do with the dream I was having; I was trying to solve a crime that was committed by a ghost and I was so close.  The only option was to fall asleep fast and figure out how I was going to catch this ghost!  Dunkin woke me up as I was showing somebody my evidence and I never did get the satisfaction of catching the perpetrator.  Maybe the next time…

I had the night to myself after work since J took Dunkin to his Mom’s to make them dinner, which I passed on because I wasn’t crazy about the dish (I just don’t do a piece of chicken as a meal).  With my extra time, I opted for a solo run.  It felt great to just “do me”, as J would say.  I listened to music for the first time in months; I put on the “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors Pandora playlist, which is my latest love.  It’s slow, but sometimes I just want to run to music with less drive.  I expected my paces to be considerably faster without a dog attached to me and they were.  I considered running for more than 3 miles, but since I wanted to get up in the morning for another run, I didn’t want to suddenly fall into the “too much, too soon” trap.

Hoyt Lake Sunset
Sunset runs are sometimes more beautiful in the fall/winter.

So yeah,  about that getting up in the morning thing… I did that zero times during the work week.  Zilch.  Nada.  Zip.  A big fat ZERO.  Yeah, this daylight savings time paired with cold thing sucks.  Oh, and it wasn’t even COLD this week until Friday!  It was 60 degrees on multiple mornings this week in Buffalo. 

Tuesday morning I woke up a little tired.  I probably could have gotten out of bed 30 minutes early (rather than the 60-75 minutes early I aim for) but man, that comforter was nice and snuggly!  J and I did run for just over a mile with Dunkin, so I got something slow in at least.

Wednesday?  I was even more awake, maybe 30 minutes earlier, but it was raining.  Scratch that.  Dunkin hates rain.  (True statement.)

Thursday came and went with the wind — literally.

And then Friday?  Well, poor Dunkin had a long, rough Thursday night.  We’ve been training him with a peanut butter filled Kong to be relaxed behind a gate and needless to say he had a little too much peanut butter. So much like a child, we were up every 90 minutes with him.  Oops.  (He’s better now and we discovered that he likes pumpkin so that’s a much better substitute!)

New sidewalks = new sidewalk art.
New sidewalks = new sidewalk art.

Saturday morning we slept in a little bit before heading out on our run.  Typically my goal with him is to run continuously for 2+ miles, but we tried something different this time where we stopped when he wanted to sniff, within reason.  We followed a trail off our normal route that I didn’t really know existed (but he’s been on it with J before) and I think I enjoyed it more than Dunkin!  It was beautiful, covered high with leaves and nobody was near.  Then, we crossed the pedestrian bridge which completely confused; he could not understand the cars going beneath us.  The loop back home was new to him for a little portion and he got all excited because he was in new territory, so we had to take a walk break to re-train the “easy” command, but he picked up after a few minutes.  It was a really pleasant run together, almost like an accidental fartlek because I let him dictate the pace.  I listened to music (still suck on “Unsteady”) and enjoyed the crisp morning.  Then it hit me – I’m officially in the Christmas spirit.  Cue coming home to clean listening to Jazz Holidays Radio on Pandora and decorating the house.

Sunday we relaxed for the most part.  My muscles were crunchy feeling, a very real reminder that I haven’t used my foam roller since 2 days post-Chicago.  We also had company over Saturday night which resulted in too much sangria and too many mint julieps.  Thankfully I woke up sans hangover, but it’s against my better judgment to not relax on Sundays.

I’d say it’s unfortunate the week didn’t go as planned, but it is what it is.  I’m really bad at changing everything at once and maybe I’m just not ready to be a full-time morning runner yet.  Maybe I’m setting my goals too high.  I’m going to mentally prepare for just 20-30 minutes earlier than normal because even 15-25 minutes of exercise is better than none.  Eventually when that’s the norm, I can sneak in another 15-20 minutes earlier and soon I’ll be where I want to be but can’t seem to get at right now.

A candid of the SAHD (ha!) and I from my best friend's wedding last month.
A candid of the SAHD (ha!) and I from my best friend’s wedding last month.  Obviously I’d be trying to convince him to dance while he’s trying to tell me a story in avoidance.

On the bright side, I’ve definitely changed other things for the better.  More sleep and a better diet.  I’m back on my hydration game and eating more balanced meals.  I’ve brought my breakfasts and lunches to work everyday.  J and I have made meals at home.  It’s been really great, honestly.  I joked with J that I’d go work 2 jobs if he could just be a SAHD for Dunkin until we bought a house in the summer/fall.  He laughed at me, but I’m only half kidding.  I would love to not worry about Dunkin’s anxiety, have a clean apartment, and home-cooked meals every day.  In all honesty, since I’ve been 16 I’ve been either in school or working full-time with a part-time job, or visa versa.

Upcoming this week aside from Thanksgiving is the Turkey Trot and a much needed three-day work week.  I will not be racing the Trot, but running with friends or family.  Then I will shove my face with all the food.  On deck is also more cooking, a trip to visit my Dad, and getting our Christmas tree.  Oh, and it’s the last week before I starting building my base officially to set myself up for kick-ass Pittsburgh Half Marathon training.  Yikes!


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10 thoughts on “A Better Week”

  1. I’m actually a life-long morning runner transitioning *away* from it temporarily. I need to leave for work by 7am, and it’s just not worth it to run in the cold and the dark before I’m fully awake. My workout sucks, and I’m miserable during it! I hate working out after work, so I still typically get up early. I just go straight to work so I can take a long lunch and go for a run or bike ride then.

    All that to say, don’t beat yourself up for struggling with the switch. I bet switching to workout out in the morning is way easier in the spring or summer when it’s not freezing and dark outside!


    1. Believe me if I could do every run after work, I would! My dog needs some extensive exercise before I leave for the day though, so that’s the only reason I’m trying (and struggling!) to get my butt up!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad that you had a better week! I sort of had the opposite. I feel like the first couple weeks of November were slowly but steadily improving. And then last week happened and suddenly I’m thinking at least December will be a decent month, right?

    I’m definitely starting to get into the holiday spirit as well. We got our first snow of the season on Saturday and on Sunday I might have played a few Christmas songs while I did a little laundry.


  3. Glad you had a better week!

    I’m the same way with morning running, so I know how it feels. I’ve tried so many times to make the transition and been unsuccessful. Some of us just aren’t meant to be morning people. We’re all wired differently and have different internal clocks, and no matter how much the morning people preach, it will always be easier for some than others. I actually like running in the AM but its just too hard for me to get out of bed. No matter how much sleep I get, I’m so tired in the morning I can barely get up in time for work. This darkness is for the birds. Seriously, human beings were not meant to wake up before the sunrise.

    Anyway, I’m going to try one final time to make the transition when I start marathon training. I think part of the reason I wasn’t successful before is because I wasn’t really on a consistent training schedule, but obviously all that’s gonna change soon. I’ll be working out at the gym a lot so I think it will help knowing I get to go somewhere nice and warm. And I think it will be easier because I’ll be so excited to be marathon training, finally.


    1. I always feel so good getting my runs before work, too, but it’s SO hard to get up! I’m with you on the always tired thing. You’d think it’d get easier! I mean, I guess it does. I used to get to work at 7am and when I switched to an 830 shift, the extra sleep felt wonderful and not needed. After about 6 months it stopped feeling wonderful and just felt necessary. Good luck getting on schedule! If you have any tips (besides the typical ones you see) let me know!


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