Post Marathon Running Sucks

My body feels relatively good, but just like everyone warned me — it’ll take a while before you can run anywhere near the way you were before the marathon.  I’ve been taking it really easy since the marathon because the last thing I wanted to do was set myself back.  My hip has been sassy since the race and it’s my number one priority this off-season.  I know what I need to do to strengthen it, but now I just need to implement is nearly every single day.

Racing weight The first week after the race I did absolutely nothing.  I was exhausted.  I felt like this was the right choice for me.  Eight days after the marathon, I went to a a regular CrossFit class and got my butt kicked, but it felt good.  If anything, it made me realize that I was still recovering and also what I need to focus on this winter, strength-wise.

My first run was nearly two weeks after the marathon, which I took easy with the dog.  In fact, all my runs have been with Dunkin so far!  We only went out for 1.3 miles because he either got bored, or tired.  I took him out the following day before work, too.  It was a slower pace, but we covered just over 2 miles running.

I also went to a CrossFit Endurance class last week which was mostly for potential prospects from a local triathlon club.  After some core and pre-run drills, our workout was tough and efficient.  We went through a circuit twice (more on these specific drills in another post) of wall exchanges, TRX rows with hip hinges, and single leg squats.  At 90 seconds per station and twice through, it felt quick but I could feel it immediately the following morning.  I know, I know, my core is weak.  If my body starts to feel sore and out of whack during runs, the instant I focus on my core all the pain goes away so it’s pretty obvious where the breakdown begins.  Needless to say, that’s another huge focal point in my training this off-season.

A post-run snugglefest isn't complete without coffee.
A post-run snugglefest isn’t complete without coffee.

After a couple days of rest, I took Dunkin for another run on Saturday morning.  Since J was taking him to the dog park and exercising him while I was at work, I was hesitant to take him for any other runs during the week.  Just like us, dogs can’t jump into exercising either!  He was such a great running partner that morning; I can tell he’s getting really comfortable with the idea of running next to me.  We went out at a much quicker pace so I wondered if he’d keep up, but we stayed consistent.  This time we finished 1.8 miles at 9:55 pace; that’s 40 seconds to a minute faster than what we typically do for the same distance!  It’s so fun to see him getting more comfortable running and gaining more fitness for longer/quicker runs.  He’s going to be a solid training partner come Spring!

So, it’s definitely been a slow go since the marathon to get back into a routine.  Dealing with some dog separation anxiety (Dunkin is howling when he’s alone; it’s not good in an apartment complex!) has kept me from being able to run on my own and do 3-5 miles, but in hindsight it’s probably a really good thing.  With my sassy hip, running for more than 20-25 minutes gives me some soreness, so it’s better than I don’t push anything just yet.

The data since Chicago:
Week 1: Complete, total rest.
Week 2: 1 hour CrossFit, 14 minutes running with Dunkin (1 run)
Week 3: 1 hour CrossFit Endurance, 42 minutes running with Dunkin (2 runs)

This upcoming week marks 4 since Chicago (what?) and I’m aiming for 3 runs with Dunkin, plus body weight training in my apartment for my core and glutes.  I also have a sports massage planned tomorrow after work at a spa, which is courtesy of J and not only needed from the marathon, but because my stress is through the roof over Dunkin lately!


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13 thoughts on “Post Marathon Running Sucks”

  1. You are recovering just right, it takes time and you are doing what is personally best. That is what is so important, not getting wrapped up in what you think you should be doing or others think you should do. Marathon recovery (especially from first) is a whole new beast. I love that you are taking the time to also look at things you can focus on this winter- strength wise and making sure you stay healthy and get strong in the process 🙂

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  2. It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a month. I think you are taking everything smartly. I think I probably told you that it took me about 2 months to fully recover mentally and physically. I’m glad to see you aren’t having any major issues!


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