Marathon Training: Month Two

Can you believe there’s just 10 weeks left until the Chicago Marathon?  It still feels so far, but when I look at my plan and the long runs remaining it sure looks a heck of a lot closer.  I wasn’t expecting month two [month one here] to fly by as quickly as it did, but time flies when you’re having fun.  Or working out for 8 hours a week.  

While I haven’t hit a weekly mileage PR yet (that will likely come this week), I did hit a new one-time distance PR.  I believe I’ve finally found the rhythm and schedule that works for me plus I’m running within the paces I should.  My recovery has been quick and my long runs have felt effortless.  Often I finish and feel like I can continue for at least another 15-20 minutes (but I know better than that!)  Considering the heat and humidity we’ve had the past month, that’s great.

Obligatory pre-race 5k photo.
Obligatory pre-race 5k photo.

I averaged 5 days of training each week: 3-4 solid running days with 1-2 CrossFit classes and a couple biking days (to the gym/back and with J).  I also ran one 5k, which wasn’t close to a PR but faster than my previous ones since injury so I’ll take it.  It’s still very frustrating to not be at the speed I once was at, but I know it’ll get there eventually.

Surprisingly, the best I felt was during the peak week this month but that’s a good sign for things to come!  I remember training for my first half marathon and every time my run increased in distance, it just felt impossible.  Looking back, there have been so many mistakes I’ve learned from, but isn’t that what’s fun about running?  Trial and error, live and learn… possibly with an injury along the way to make you really reflect.

Old (new) toys.
Old (new) toys.

Coming up this next month of training is going to become a little more challenging with a much needed vacation to Maine.  Hitting a new distance milestone in another state is pretty awesome though; I already have the location picked out (Acadia National Park) and some solicited cyclists (J and another friend), too.  I’m so looking forward to running before everyone else gets up and finishing in the ocean behind our cottage.  Hello, easy ice bath!  Honestly though, I think the harder run will be the one the comes on Sunday after I spend Saturday driving back all day/night.  I know it’ll feel good… it just might take 5 miles (of the 16ish planned) and not happen until I get about 12 hours of sleep.

Two little cycles down and two little cycles to go — Chicago Marathon, I’m coming for you!



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3 thoughts on “Marathon Training: Month Two”

  1. YES! You are doing great with training, and I’m excited for your vacation! Running in a new place is always fun and will help mentally let you relax too! You get a bike Chauffeur for a few runs this month, cannot wait!!! 🙂 {also really glad J is doing that for you in Maine!}


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