A Little More Recovery: Massages and Chiropractors

When I ran the Buffalo Half Marathon, my goal was to not push myself so hard that I need to actually recover.  With Chicago Marathon being the overall goal, I wanted to set myself up in a good place to start training.  Although my legs were in perfect shape after the race, something funky happened with my hips that left a lingering soreness I couldn’t shake.Stop Talking

The past two weeks I ran 6 and 8 miles respectively, mostly at an easy pace.  Each time my hip got a little aggravated after 10-15 minutes of running, which admittedly made me nervous.  I couldn’t describe it as a pain and I couldn’t take my finger to touch a specific point to identify the source, either.  Thankfully, I already had a massage scheduled with a girl from the gym on Wednesday of last week.  I explained my hip issues and for once had somebody listen and actually [gasp] target these areas.  It was the first time I had a massage that felt like money well spent.

Afterwards, I felt better but still a little funny.  My hips still felt uneven – it was the oddest feeling.  Each step I took on my left leg felt like I was raising myself up.  My next run I was still sore after the same amount of time but at least the soreness didn’t linger like it was previously.  I decided to contact a Chiropractor for the first time.

EvolutionI’m not going to lie – I’ve always been hesitant with Chiropractors.  I’m a skeptic and my current job doesn’t really help with my skepticism.  I talked to a bunch of people at work and did my fair share of internet research before finally settling upon a practice about 20 minutes away.  It’s slightly more expensive than the other locations I was looking at (cash based practice) but his background really stuck out to me – an Ironman finisher (multiple times!), marathoner, and avid road racer who’s associated with two different endurance groups in the area.  He was able to get me in for an evaluation today (Monday), which was convenient since I already had the day off.

PretzelsGoing into the visit I was a little nervous, but he explained his thoughts about my complaints and everything he was doing as he did it.  Honestly, nothing he said was a surprise to me because I’ve heard of it all from my orthopedist and physical therapist.  My left ankle had little mobility.  One leg is shorter than the other.  And yes, my pelvis was twisted and a little lopsided.  He said most people don’t notice the feeling of being uneven while walking, so it was good that I could pinpoint it and I came to the right place.  I laughed, and being totally honest, said if things didn’t get better after this visit, I’d just go talk to my physical therapist anyways.  I assume that’s kind of a no-no to say to one specialist about visiting another, but he smiled and agreed if it was some type of strain, etc. then rehabilitation would be the way to go.

He started with my ankle, explaining that everything could stem from there and he’d reassess my alignment after each thing he did.  This wasn’t an unfamiliar concept to me, given everything I learned about my body dealing with the tendonitis.  Fixing my ankle did alter my entire left side a bit — all the way up to my arms — but ultimately he did adjust my pelvis, too.  After walking around the office, I could tell an immediate difference!  I was a little sore, but I was no longer feeling uneven with each step.  Apparently I was lacking mobility in my thoracic spine as well, which he offered to adjust if I wanted, but I declined.  I hadn’t noticed any issues and I’m in the camp of “it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

So I left with instructions to drink a lot of water in the next two hours, don’t make any separate twisting movements, and don’t run.  You never really realize how much twisting you do with your torso until you’re told not to do so!  And being told I can’t twist (I’m a huge back cracker) is so much harder, too.  I’m supposed to set up an appointment in 10 days to make sure everything is still in place, which he expects it to be since it sounded like a one-time problem with a quick fix.  I’m sure it’s a good idea to return, but I’m also on a budget big time right now (baby showers, 4 new tires, Dad’s birthday, Father’s Day, and J’s birthday recently) after seeing my recent credit card statement.  We’ll see what happens this week and go from there.

I really wanted to go for a bike ride today since the rain actually held off (go figure) but I avoided it just to be safe.  I don’t think I’ll notice anything until I attempt a run tomorrow.  He said there’s a chance I might feel soreness in the next week or so, which would be totally normal and things should re-adjust themselves.  The only time I need to worry is if the soreness lingers.  With 18 weeks to go until the marathon, hopefully everything is good to go for ramping it up a little bit in consistency and distance!


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7 thoughts on “A Little More Recovery: Massages and Chiropractors”

  1. I’m glad you had a positive experience and I hope it does help. I am glad you are able to begin and continue training. I’m excited to see how Chicago goes for you.


    1. I never thought about range of motion with that, but it makes sense. I just had my first workout (and it was pretty hard!) since getting it done yesterday and there’s absolutely no pain anymore. It’s amazing! I can definitely see how chiro can help. But I definitely need to invest more in massage than like once a year….

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