Recovery Week

Looking at my overall half marathon finish time, it reflected something more along the lines of long run paced effort, but I knew that was deceiving.  I’ve thankfully learned enough by now to know that a “typical” long run time doesn’t equate to an easy run.  I’m also smart enough to know that just because I might not have any soreness associated with running, I’m still not recovered.  Whether I want to admit it or not, that run was a hard effort through and through.  The beginning was hard pace effort but the ending was hard effort to keep the legs just moving.

Stolen from Laura.  Pre-Race photo, can you tell?
Stolen from Laura. Pre-Race photo, can you tell?

Being smart for the first time in my own training, I focused on recovery a little more than I ever remember doing in the past.  While I didn’t have a plan for the week specifically, I knew I wanted some very slow, easy miles for my legs to remember what running is like.  This wasn’t a goal race but even with a decent effort, I’m finishing up a good starting point for a marathon training base.  I also knew that I wanted to keep moving this week no matter what the capacity.  Sitting on a couch in compression gear wasn’t going to work miracles!

After the race on Sunday, I made sure to keep moving.  I stretched while [de]hydrating with beer and water.  I took a walk with J and his family for about two miles at the family picnic.  I also sat on my butt a lot, but I tried to stand and move often.

Monday – 10 mile bike ride w/ J
Tuesday – CFE class [recovery]
Wednesday – Easy 2 miles w/ J
Thursday – Strength
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Easy 4 miles w/ Jackie
Sunday – Rest


With Monday being a day off [Memorial Day here in the States], J and I went for Mexican lunch with some people from the gym.  I always appreciate that he doesn’t know any of them and CrossFit isn’t his thing, but he’s willing to come along and be social with new friends.

The bike ride afterwards was not kind to my butt, but fun nonetheless.  We basically just rode residential streets and turned wherever we felt, discovering new streets, beautiful houses, and saw a man training in an altitude mask.  I don’t know why, but I love when I see people actually training with purpose [that I notice].  I just want to stop everything and talk to them.  What’s your workout today?  What are your goals?  What’s your favorite event?  TELL ME YOUR LIFE STORY PLEASE.

Nuuntini Recovery anat Endurance class on Tuesday
Nuuntinis y’all.

Tuesday’s endurance class was entirely recovery and we celebrated recent birthdays with Nuuntinis.  After a short walk (under half mile) and 30 minutes of dedicated foam rolling, we turned on the blenders!  My favorite was citrus Nuun with ice in the blender, a little citrus infused Black Button Gin, and grapefruit flavored seltzer water.

J wanted to run on Wednesday, so I offered to go with him.  I knew it would be an easy pace for me since he’s just starting to get back into the swing of things and we weren’t going more than 20-25 minutes.  For my first run after the half, it felt decent.  We were going slow enough that I couldn’t tell if my legs were hating me or if they felt good.

On Thursday, I brought a friend to check out the gym.  I’m happy (and relieved) that she enjoyed it – or she’s a really good faker.  Chris was kind enough to work with us individually and on a day off for him.  I went through all the basic movements that she was learning, some with a kettlebell for challenge.  Since she’s going to come in and learn before jumping into a full blown class, I’m going to try to come too.  The additional strength training is going to be huge for me.

Are you hungry, yet?
Are you hungry, yet?

I recovered entirely on Friday.  J and I drove 45 minutes for the best pizza and ice cream, back to where I went to college.  Being an adult has its perks, you know?

I met up with Jackie on Saturday at the gym; she had four miles on deck.  It was 75 degrees and humid at 8am so you can imagine how that felt when we started at 9:30. My post tib on my right leg was a little sore afterwards so I basically laid it on a lacrosse ball for 10 minutes.  It’s the only part on my body that no matter what kind of love it gets, it can always use more.

The plan for Sunday is to get all the stuff done for the week, so definitely a rest day.  It’s going to be raining and cold (as compared to recent weather) so I won’t feel like I’m missing out on anything when I get my oil change done, cook, clean, and finish some laundry.

Crazy TrainingNext week I just want to get into good habits to carry through training.  This means utilizing my bike for active recovery, even if I’m using it as a means of transportation to work and the gym.  It also means upping my water intake every day and if I’m going to sit on the couch to watch TV, I should sit on the floor and foam roll instead.  It means coming to the gym with Danielle for her classes and working on some easy strength to help me get into that mindset for when I’m doing it at home.  As much as planning out an entire week kind of sucks, I know it’s what I need to do to keep on track.


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  1. That pizza looks incredible! I hope you continue to recover well. Injury sucks, but the comeback can be pretty awesome.


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