Summer Racing

As I’ve previously talked about, my focus this summer was to really focus on the 5k and finally get under 22 minutes.  I was adamant that I would take a hiatus from the half marathon plan and hit the track for speed specific workouts more often… then this happened.  Even though I’m training for the Chicago Marathon in October now, I still don’t want to shy away from these goals which I have been eyeing for two years now.  In fact, I think I will mentally burn out if I jump from all these months of base building and immediately turn my entire focus to another four to five months of long, slow miles.

run-good-for-youThat being said, Laura and I haven’t nailed out a plan for the marathon yet since we’re waiting to talk this weekend and see how the Buffalo Half Marathon goes.  She told me to write down any races I plan on doing and any commitments I have that we might need to work around.  Well, I’m giving her a little challenge with my summer plans!  I have three 5k’s which I have signed up for officially and six one mile races I plan to sign up for, even though my wallet says “No, no, no!”.  It’s a little bit of celebratory rewards for myself and a little bit of a birthday present for myself (along with that massage I scheduled).

If you look at my racing past, I haven’t had a summer like the one I’m planning.  Granted, my initial reason for running again was to train for a half marathon so 5k’s were mostly off my radar until just before I got injured and realized how much faster I could be.  The good thing about these races is that they aren’t frequent or lengthy enough to destroy my legs.  Considering my goal for Chicago (mostly) is to finish in one happy and healthy piece, marathon specific speed work isn’t the highest priority on my list, so this shouldn’t affect an overall plan too much.  Of course I don’t want to finish the race with a slow crawl, but it’s not like I’m trying to BQ in my first marathon; a Summer of Speed can still happen.

Without further adieu, I present my first draft of a Summer of Speed!

Friday, June 19th – St. Gregory the Great 5k [2013 recap]
Saturday, June 27th – 50 Yard Finish 5k
Wednesday, July 8th – Hump Day Mile 
Sunday, July 12th – Run, Jimmy, Run 5k [J’s running this one, too!]
Wednesday, July 22nd – West Seneca Blue Mile
Wednesday, August 5th – GBTC Mile
Thursday, August 27th – Lancaster Striders Miles
Tuesday, September 15th – Flight of Five Mile

1 mile memeAs part of the Runner’s Roost 1 Mile Challenge, I plan to sign up for all but one race (I’ll be in Maine during the Checkers Mueller Mile).  The thing I love about this challenge is that you don’t have to be the fastest necessarily, points from all the races are tallied so running more than the 3 minimum helps!  The thing I don’t love is how much racing this summer is going to cost — who knew one mile races were just as much as 5ks?

I haven’t raced a mile since I was probably 16 and that was 1500m so I’m really excited about this challenge.  I’m basically going into totally uncharted territory again.  I’d be lying if I said I knew what my 1500m PR was over 10 years ago so I had to Google it.  I couldn’t find much, just one result which I don’t think was my PR, but it sounds close: 5:37.16 – May 2004.  [Side note: Tossing that into a race predictor made me laugh, but also made me really think about my 5ks!]  So yeah, I’m 10 years older than I was when I knocked out those times, but I’ve also been hitting paces 10 years later that are paralleling those PRs, so we’ll see what happens.


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One thought on “Summer Racing”

  1. I’m super jealous of the 1 mile race series – I wish we had something like that around here! I’ve never raced a mile before and I never ran track either … I feel like it would be so much fun to spice things up with something totally different.

    I am glad you’re not abandoning your summer goals, just modifying them a bit. I think you’ll also surprise yourself with how much fitness you can gain just from the mileage increases that marathon training can bring. I think you’re going to kick some serious butt this summer/fall!

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