Week 11/12: Almost There

I’m about to stop putting goals into words because I seem to always fall short lately.  It isn’t the end of the world; not logging the 22-23 miles this week I envisioned isn’t going to change the outcome of my half marathon next Sunday.  Not running the miles isn’t even so much me being lazy this time as it was my body just saying “Nope.  Nope.  Nopenopenope.”

The countdown begins.
The countdown begins.

Monday and Tuesday were rest days deserved after the three straight days I ran beforehand.  Believe me, I wanted nothing more than to run when the weather was beautiful outside on Monday but I knew that wasn’t the smart thing to do.  And I’m really trying to be smart.

So keeping on with the “smart” train, I ran on Wednesday.  It was a somewhat easy 3.25 miles out and back on a straight street.  I warmed-up with half mile easy and then ran 2 miles at what I envisioned I could do for the half marathon.  A little more push than easy, but not hard enough to feel like I was actually racing.   I would have preferred to continue a little longer, but my legs just didn’t feel great.  In fact, my knee started to feel really awful at the end and I ended up limping a little when I stopped to walk home after my cool down.  Not exactly the run I had hoped to have.

Rudys weddingI spent the rest of the evening rolling out and it got better, it just seemed to be a fluke.  On Thursday, the run felt a little better endurance-wise but my legs were not having it.  I haven’t had issues with my post tib tendonitis or soleus in months, but it was flaring up and I ended that run fast.  After more rolling with my R8 and sleeping in compression gear, things felt better Friday, but I played it safe with another rest day.

Wedding season has officially kicked off again so we were preoccupied Friday night.  J was in the wedding and I hung out with all the other friends — the drinks were strong and things got a little crazy.  Therefore, Saturday turned into the ultimate rest day.

I approve.
I approve.

Sunday I wanted to get 10-12 miles in, which still wouldn’t have put me near my goal but I tried.  We ate breakfast at 10am so I couldn’t even do anything until noon when it somewhat settled.  I tried Amino Energy beforehand because I keep hearing good things and want to test it out before the Buffalo Half Marathon.  It definitely did as promised, but unfortunately it was just too hot and too humid when I left.  My body is still not adjusted no matter how much I love running in it.  I ended up doing a run/walk, walking any time I started to feel a little too overheated because passing out was not high on my list of things to do.  I considered running after our cookout but it was still 85 degrees at 7pm.  We’ll call that one a day.

On the bright side, the aches and pains I experienced in my runs earlier this week didn’t come up on Sunday’s run.  I think it was a bit of a fluke, a stress from running the highest mileage in two years.  While getting ten miles under my belt would have been a nice little confidence boost, it’s not going to make or break my race.

In 6 days, I’ll have finished my 5th half marathon.  Okay, half marathon number 4 was a DNF, so I don’t know if we can count this as my 5th, but still.  I have willingly signed up for five of these things when the first one was supposed to be a one and done bucket list item.  I should have known from the start that I wasn’t going to stop!


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4 thoughts on “Week 11/12: Almost There”

  1. Have fun this weekend! I ran the Buffalo full a couple years ago and had a lot of fun. I love hearing about people who sign up for big races as a “bucket list” thing, and then go on to complete more! 🙂


  2. Have fun this weekend! If I wasn’t working Sunday I would totally come up and cheer you on. I am in the same boat that when I make running goals on the blog I fall short.


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