Week 9/12: Oof.

Oof.  Oof describes everything from the past week of running.  I had started out promising, but kind of took a nose dive over the weekend.  After a late concert paired with the equivalent of 4 beers, I slept in later on Saturday and didn’t get the intended 7-9 miles in.  On Sunday after all the driving, I need a nap like it was nobody’s business.

It looks like Fall, but I swear it's Spring!
It looks like Fall, but I swear it’s Spring!

Monday I took a rest day because I knew Tuesday would be a doozie.  It was.  I finally woke up early and went for a run!  This is a huge accomplishment for me.  I ran just under 4 miles, but walked a cool-down to make sure I hit 4.  I felt great!  I went to CrossFit Endurance after class and tackled another workout with 2 miles of running.  Chris was nervous to not let me modify the workout because I told him I already ran 4 miles (okay, I might have fibbed and told him 3) but I promised I would cut out the final mile if the first didn’t go well.  But that didn’t happen — it went really well and I was honestly a little surprised.

The actual workout after our warm-up was: four rounds of 8 ring rows, 8 kettlebell deadlifts, 12 burpees sandwiched by one mile on either end.

I still can’t believe I accomplished a two-a-day without any negative reactions in my body.

Hi, Eric.  Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi.
Hi, Eric. Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi.

Given the two workouts, I took off Wednesday and Thursday.  Wednesday was mostly due to the doctor’s appointment I had in the afternoon.  Thursday was because my body was not having a morning workout or afternoon workout.  To cap it off, it was a really rough night emotionally, too.  I knew in my head things would still be okay though because I’d run about 5 on Friday and then 8 on Saturday… at least I hoped.

Obviously, that didn’t happen.

Just me and thousands of my closest [country] friends.
Just me and thousands of my closest [country] friends.
 Friday, I woke up early again and took a leisurely paced run around the city, including Hoyt Lake.  It was beautiful.  The birds were chirping, the sun was just coming up, and it was really peaceful.  I understand the morning runners, at least in Spring.  In the evening I went to see Eric Church with a friend of mine (it’s actually one of J’s good friends).  His wife doesn’t like country, J doesn’t like country — and they are both okay with us going to the concerts together so they don’t have to suffer.  It was enjoyable, but a late night that set up for a bad Saturday.

The final course.
The final course.

I slept in too long on Saturday.  Honestly though, I needed the sleep more than the run.  We were driving into Pittsburgh for an overnight trip and I get sleepy driving on a fully caffeinated, completely rested body, let alone a tired one!  I only got 2.5 miles in and they weren’t anything awful or awesome.

Our Pittsburgh trip consisted of a lot of runner envy on my part (the Pittsburgh Marathon was Sunday) which J did not understand.  It was hard to see all the runners; I wanted to run, too!  We had other plans, though: a relaxing evening together at a Mexican cooking class after walking around the Strip and breakfast the following morning at Pamela’s.  It was beautiful the entire time and I don’t remember enjoying Pittsburgh this much the last time I visited.

After driving back on Sunday, I didn’t do anything but nap and make a quick grocery store run.  I considered going for a run, but the only thing I ate/drank was breakfast with two cups of coffee and some pop when I got tired.  I knew better than to try to run on that (unfortunately – that also set me up for a rough Monday of the next week).

I’m disappointed in what happened with my mileage, but happy I discovered it’s really not that difficult to run before work.  I think this will change everything — easier time getting in the miles, better nutrition because I can cook after work, more quality time with the man, and possibly a cleaner house!  I’m definitely under-prepared for this half marathon as far as speed training, but we’re looking ahead, anyways.  I’ll definitely have to re-evaluate my training paces during my upcoming cycle because I have a feeling once consistency happens and speed training comes in for the 5k’s, things are going to fly.


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One thought on “Week 9/12: Oof.”

  1. I have always found I must run before work. I’m so exhausted afterwords that it generally doesn’t happen. I’m glad you are able to make the adjustment to do that and I agree that it will relieve so much evening stress!


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