Week 8/12: Chafing is Real

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions.  I’ve been everything from stressed, to loved, to angry and upset, to anxious, excited, and determined.  Right now, I’m a little bit of everything.  I’m happy because I spent the week with family and friends.  I’m upset because my wallet has “walked off” with my credit card, debit card, license, concert ticket, a couple lotto ticket winners I haven’t cashed in yet, and inhaler (ha).  I’m excited and anxious over big goals that lie ahead.  It’s April, but this is going to be a big year — I can feel it.

Since I haven’t done any strength training for my glutes recently, I made that effort this week.  On Monday I put together a glute fatiguing workout because I knew I wouldn’t be at CF Endurance on Tuesday.

Warm-up:  World’s Greatest Stretch, single leg RDLs, arm swing/push off drills

Set 1 [1:00/exercise with 1:00 rest after complete set]:
– single leg squats right leg
– single leg squats left leg
– banded bridges
– miniband walks
– regular squats.

Set 2 [same as above for timing/rest]:
– single leg RDLs with 10lb dumbbell right side
– single leg RDLs with 10lb dumbbell left side
– standing glute abduction right leg
– standing glute abduction left side
– walking bridges

I repeated the sets again for a total of 23 minutes for the work part of the workout.  My glutes were definitely fatigued.  On Thursday, I did the same workout as above except only once through each set because I finished with drop squats, jump drop squats, and single leg drop squats.

Friday's rationale
Friday’s rationale

I had Tuesday marked for an entire rest day.  It was J’s 32nd birthday and despite him encouraging me to go to my class or run, I wasn’t going to ditch him.  I’ve been on the other side where I’ve told somebody it was okay if they did their own thing on my birthday, hoping they’d spend the night with me instead, and I was really disappointed when I wasn’t the choice.  I love running, but that’ll be there the next day – the birthday won’t.

Wednesday was the first run in five days.  I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t some kind of external motivation getting me through this run — external motivation in form of a goal that wasn’t even on my radar as a possibility (#Secrets).  I cruised away, watching NBC Sports (playoff hockey!) and dazing out.  It was an easy five miler, starting off with some walking and a brief 2-3 minutes of walking in the middle too, trying to catch my breath and grab some water.  I finished fast.  My last half mile I kept upping the speed until I was at low 7’s pace for a sprinting finish.  Soon that sprint will more often have a 6 in front!

Friday was another rest day (no, I didn’t skip Thursday – see above!)  I set my alarm for 5am and considered going out for a run or to the gym, but… nah.  Get me more sleep.  I haven’t been getting good sleep lately and I’m not sure what it is.  I didn’t mind the rest day anyways since I planned to put in the bulk of my mileage over the weekend.

Reading MaterialI watched the Penn Relays all afternoon before figuring out my running situation on Saturday.  I decided I wanted to run 10 miles, so I knew wherever I went I needed water since I had that run a few weeks ago where I became extremely dehydrated in cooler weather and less distance.  Unfortunately, I also knew that mentally I couldn’t handle running a loop.  I ended up at the gym on a bright, sunny, 50 degree day.  Before you get confused about the treadmill vs. loop argument — I was able to have my choice of treadmills and lose myself in playoff hockey.  It was actually kind of pleasant.  I started off with 3 miles easy – low 11 minute pace, then four “quicker” miles (not exactly tempo) in mid 9’s, followed by another 3 miles easy (10:17) to finish out the run.  I had to restart the treadmill in the middle of the quicker miles because they only go for 60 minutes at a time, which was frustrating, but I was really proud of myself for knocking out ten on a treadmill!

Surprisingly, I recovered really well from the 10 miler enough to wake up on Sunday ready to run.  Then I hopped out of bed and realized the soreness I felt yesterday was indeed real – butt chafing.  Butts chafe?  What is this BS?  Rather than make things worse, I passed on the run.  I still can’t believe my first chafing experience is where the sun doesn’t shine.

It wasn’t the best or worst week for running.  After the past two weeks, I’m very happy with 16 miles.  It would have been closer to 20 miles, but… butt chafing.  What are ya gonna do?  There’s still four weeks until the Buffalo Half and I’m not tapering (minute easy running the week of the race) so I have time to keep adding in some miles.  It’s a big relief that I’m able to recover this quickly from long runs again!


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One thought on “Week 8/12: Chafing is Real”

  1. Chafing is the worst.

    I’m glad to hear nothing went too terribly wrong though. I hate blisters and chafing because people inform you “they aren’t really that bad” but yes, both are incredibly painful.


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