Week 3/12: Listen to Your Body

I have once again continued on with that craptastic pattern I’ve owned since the middle of January – one week of increased mileage, one week of decreased mileage.  There’s no doubt that I’m getting consistency, it’s just not the ideal consistency.  On the bright side, I don’t think anyone can look at my log and tell me that I’m pushing myself too far, too quickly.

This week my decrease in mileage was a conscious choice, one I’m very happy that I made.  A year ago, I might have tried to push through what I was experiencing — but there’s a time and place for that.  This was not that time nor place.

Things are a little muddy 'round these parts.
Things are a little muddy ’round these parts.

On Monday I opted for a short tempo run – just two miles total.  I took it out a little too fast after my warm-up and ended up splitting the miles with a short recovery walk. Could I have ran the miles together?  Probably.  Mentally though, I was convinced that I couldn’t.  I finished feeling good, loving my MV3’s by Newton.

The place I went wrong was that I didn’t realize on Tuesday we’d be running at the CrossFit Endurance class since we’ve been switching it out for rowing thus far. Our actual workout was rather intense: six sets of 400m run (which was actually about .3 miles), 8 deadlifts, and 6 push presses.  OUCH.  I did 4 push presses instead for each set since I had some weight on my bar, plus practiced my cleans before class.

You know you're at the right place when you can enjoy a beer after a workout with your friends.
You know you’re at the right place when you can enjoy a beer after a workout with your friends.

My left arch started to become sore halfway through the workout and I pushed through.  I didn’t think twice about the soreness because that’s a typical feeling I experience; I assumed it had to do with the tempo workout the day before.  I took time to roll out afterwards, drank a Guinness for Saint Patrick’s Day and spent the rest of the next 24 hours in compression gear.  Tomorrow, things will be better, I thought.

Unfortunately, Wednesday came and I knew my arch wasn’t okay.  It was a little swollen and sore to walk, despite flats and compression gear.  Thursday felt better, but I rested again to be safe.  On Friday, I knew I was good enough to go out for a run, but I didn’t want to risk back to back runs immediately.

Thankfully though, Saturday‘s run felt great!  It was a gloomy morning so not many people showed up for the run, just four of us total.  We ran together at a leisurely pace (12:00+/mile) and let the green lights control the destiny of our run.  My arch was sore within about a five minutes, but went away in the same amount of time.  Towards the end of the five miler, my right hip flexor started to feel a little tight but static stretching at the end took care of it.

As seen on my run (Shea's Performing Arts Center in Buffalo)
As seen on my run (Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo)

I went back and forth debating on a Sunday run, but decided to rest.  CFNC had two seminars back to back – one on Functional Range Conditioning, the other on injury free running.  After doing some Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) for neck, shoulders, and hips, my body felt amazing.  I didn’t know I felt bad beforehand (because I didn’t), but I realized you really don’t know how much better you can feel when you’ve never experienced it.  I can’t wait to do some more research on the topic (perhaps a post coming up soon!)  The running seminar consisted exactly of what I do on Tuesdays with CrossFit Endurance and before each run, but it never hurts to drill the point even more into my head.

So yes, I took another step back this week but I know it was for the best.  Despite these little step backs every other week, I feel stronger than I ever have.  On these “off weeks”, I’m focusing on getting my nutrition down, finding a better pattern for fitness, and what works for me in general (recovery, hydration, work, errands, and chores.)  Sometime in the next 2-3 months, I will be training full force ahead and I’m still laying down all the proper foundations necessary to be a stronger, better, faster athlete.  I’ll get there one day, but it’s a journey.

This upcoming week is a bit of a busy one.  I have two back to back rest days due to already set plans (Phantom of the Opera Friday, wine tasting Saturday), but I want to make sure I get all my workouts in.  After all, this is my increase week according to the pattern I’ve established (ha).  I’m also scheduled for Lifting 101 again on Wednesday, so that takes a day of running away from me.

Despite everything, I did leave this week with three days of running for nearly 10.5 miles.  The exciting thing about that is it’s another first in the past year: I’ve hit back to back weeks of double digit miles without injury.  Sure, I had a little twinge and some extra inflammation, but that happens to all athletes and just a reminder why I do all these pre-hab exercises regularly.


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2 thoughts on “Week 3/12: Listen to Your Body”

  1. Hey! 🙂 You should be proud of yourself for just getting out there and running!! You are amazing!! You will get exactly where you want to get!! Believe it!! XOXO


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