Week 2/12: Maintaining My Mojo

My "bad decision" arrived this week.
My “bad decision” arrived this week.

Last week I struggled pretty bad with running.  I couldn’t find the motivation to get out on the road scrapped the plan for the week pretty early on.  As expected, based on the fact that I’ve been alternating good and bad weeks, this week was the exact opposite.  I had the best week I’ve had in a year and a half!  Not only did I hit mileage I haven’t seen about 15 months, I did it practically unscathed.  It still shocks me each week when I up my mileage, recover well, and end it injury free.  I’m not sure when or if that feeling will go away, but I haven’t taken any runs for granted, that’s for sure.

The weather finally shifted to shorts weather this week!  On Monday, I headed out for five miles on the road.  Since we had so much snow, the sidewalks were puddles of slush that I actively tried to avoid.  My left ankle was irritated, but as soon as I stopped avoiding it all, things got much better.  I ran watchless, hopping through the puddles, soaking my shoes thoroughly.  Though I didn’t know exactly my pace, I made it home in less than 50 minutes with a sprint finish down my street.  It felt awesome.

Tuesday was CrossFit Endurance.  We practiced arm swing on one leg (rapidly) and leaned against the wall for leg switches, which I apparently bounce up and down too much.  Well, there’s another thing to focus on.  The workout was 20 minutes AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 400m row, 15 TRX lunges per side, and 25 shoulder taps.  Finally, my lunges improved!  My knees weren’t caving in as much, but it gave me the worst calf cramps (and my calves are still sore!)  I’m thankful that something has finally improved since the last time.

I did CrossFit on Wednesday, too. It was a lifting 101 class instructed by a Pan Am record holder of the clean and jerk, so I learned a lot… but it was the most terrifying thing I’ve done recently.  We broke down the power clean, which is the first lift I ever learned, but I am still terrible at it.  At the start of class we had to demonstrate 3-4 power cleans in front of everyone… yep, I nearly walked out.  Everyone has to watch me?  Yeah, no.  But I survived and discovered I actually really enjoy learning to lift.

Thursday was finally a rest day, which was must needed. My calves were so sore still.

Puddles are awesome.
Puddles are awesome.

When Friday came, it was so gorgeous outside and I couldn’t pass up another run, even though it was still a little painful to go downstairs (what the heck, calves).  I did almost the same route, this time with a watch, and ended up at 5.5 miles.  Again, my ankle hurt at the beginning but went away after half mile when I stopped avoiding puddles.  My calf soreness dissipated a little; I need to remember that sometimes running actually helps.

On Saturday, I ran again; my first back to back runs since last last fall!  If I recall, the last time I did back to back runs, it didn’t feel amazing.  This time?  It felt great.  I went to the CrossFit group run and ran with a girl who is definitely in better running shape than me, but it was a nice push.  We did only four miles due to time constraint and given what I already did, but pushed the pace a little bit.  I felt good.  Exhausted, but good.  So when Sunday came around, other than walking a little over a mile to the store and cooking a ton (seriously), I just relaxed.

Zoodles with peppers, onions, in a white wine garlic butter sauce.
Zoodles with peppers, onions, in a white wine garlic butter sauce.

After last week, I was relieved to have such stellar training.  (Does anyone even say stellar anymore?)  I was aiming for about thirteen miles, but hit almost fifteen and despite the increase, I didn’t feel awful like I thought I might.  Granted, my calves feel like they went through the ringer and they’re still tight, but I’m not injured!  I’m not injured!


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2 thoughts on “Week 2/12: Maintaining My Mojo”

  1. I say stellar so it counts. I’m glad you had a better training week. I am happy the weather is finally starting to warm up (hopefully for you guys too),


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