Week 1/12: Where’s My Mojo?

Hey!  It’s finally time to pick a race to train towards and set a time goal.  You know, get back into the whole swing of speed training, more workouts, and double digit miles every week?  But I flopped badly, this week.  Where’s my mojo?

I started off this week ready to go; training guidelines were entered in Running Ahead.  For whatever reason, I’ve struggled with packing back to back double digits weeks, despite reaching that mileage for over a month now.  This week was no different.

I finally found a picture of myself during the Lake Effect Half Marathon, checkin' out my Garmin, cringing at my pace.
I finally found a picture of myself during the Lake Effect Half Marathon, checkin’ out my Garmin, cringing at my pace.

With my goal of four runs this week, I started Monday with a 3 mile run on the treadmill.  I added in some quicker sections for a fartlek run and felt okay, my left ankle got a little cranky as I picked up the tempo, but was nothing to write home about.

Due to some other classes happening right now, endurance class was moved to Tuesday.  We focused on power and lateral movements – started with getting up close and personal with another athlete to partner myofascial release with the stick.  Chris kept telling us to push harder into the other person’s muscles, which is really hard because you don’t want to hurt them!  He ended up poking his thumb into the side of my upper thigh, nearly sending me through the roof.  Apparently it was the area where my IT band meets my hamstring and I need to work on it a lot more than I do (never?).

We continued our warm-up and our short workout nearly killed me.  It was just a 400m row and sled push with 4-5 lengths.  It sounds so simple!  I did 3 with 50lbs added and 2 with just 25lbs for the sled push, my quads were on fire!  These workouts show me how strong my legs aren’t, but I’m excited to see where my times go with this added into my training.

I took Wednesday off as planned and cooked dinner for J: Zoodles Shrimp Alfredo!  I also enjoyed some beverages and made a point to roll out the aforementioned ouchie spot on my upper thighs.

Ignore the mess, my new project [the map].
Ignore the mess, my new project [the map].
Thursday was an unplanned day off.  I was incredibly busy at work so I didn’t eat lunch until after 2pm.  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t care for my lunch because I had already eaten it at least once every day, so eating more than a couple bites was a struggle (I lost).  I didn’t have any other options to fuel for a run, no matter how short.  I knew I’d be risking getting lightheaded if I went to the gym, so I just skipped it.  I did, however, spend quality time with my roller (I think.)

On Friday, I had an easy run planned and let me tell you, I took it e-a-s-y.  I got a couple texts, which I generally will ignore until the cool-down, but instead I walked and read.  I focused on my form, changed a few things, figured out what felt good, bad, and unusual.  It led to some questions, so I texted CF Chris for input.  I won’t say it was a bad run, I just wasn’t invested in it.  I got four miles running and nearly a mile of walking in, so not all was lost.

Afterwards, I spent about 5 hours at my Mom’s on the couch gabbing like two teenagers who haven’t seen each other in months (that’s what we do).  I didn’t really intend on going over there or else I might have planned better with my recovery… eh, probably not.  But I didn’t roll anything out and I didn’t have any clean compression to wear.  Usually I do one or the other and I never really notice if it makes a difference.  I could feel my legs getting stiff after not moving for the rest of the night but thought about how many times that happened in the past and I felt just fine.  Not this time!

Project number 2 for this weekend - these shelves!
Project number 2 for this weekend – these shelves!

Since my legs were so crabby on Saturday, I decided to get a ton of shopping and house stuff done.  I finally got the dowels to put on my map, picked up a few shelves, got the large, colorful glass vase I’ve been waiting to buy from TJ Maxx, and spent the night with Mom again.  According to my phone, I walked over 4 miles, but my legs felt very crappy.  We ate pizza hut and all I drank was coffee and pop – clearly this wasn’t setting me up for success.  I didn’t roll out, I didn’t wear any compression; I made a lot of bad running choices this week.

Sunday wasn’t any better with my legs, nor my stomach.  I was dehydrated.  The weather was gorgeous and I wish I could have taken advantage of it, but I felt lightheaded even just shopping.  Plus, my legs still felt off.  My muscles were achy, my knees actually hurt, and it was an overall bad day.  Fortunately, this week is supposed to be in the 40s, which is shorts weather for over here.  Truth be told, given how cold it’s been, even 20s feels like shorts weather.  I’m definitely going to get out there and off the treadmill to hopefully find my mojo again.

So the bottom line is that this week did not start off on the right foot.  My nutrition was awful and I paid for it.  I also learned that compression gear makes a difference.  I’ve also vowed to make the time to roll out for even just ten minutes every day going forward.  Yeah, it sucks that I didn’t get in the 12 miles I was aiming for this week but such is life; time to get this butt in gear!

I planned to get four runs in each week, which might happen, but I want to put more focus on my CrossFit going forward.  I’ve been only going to the running class, which is great, but I liked the way I felt practicing my lifts and getting stronger.  That starts again this week – Tuesday is Endurance and Wednesday I’m signed up for an extra class, “Lifting 101”, with Kurt Silvestro (who holds the Pan American Masters record for clean and jerk), which is a small class of only 8 of us.  I’m super excited since I struggle with lifts and some new cues could be helpful.

Tomorrow starts a new, more successful, less stressful week.


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