Base Building: Week 19

I caved.
I caved.

Running in the snow doesn’t bother me, in fact, I genuinely have enjoyed it… until this year.  I’ve lived in Western New York my entire life and this is the first year I’ve been completely over winter.  Winter started off a little slow in my neck of the woods.  I was about four miles away from the areas that were hit with 7 feet back in November; snow didn’t start to pile up until mid December to January but now that it stuck, it just keeps piling up.  Pair the snow with the wind chills and I’ve turned into a baby.

I took Monday completely off after the run on Sunday.  I was really happy to have the day off given the snow that came Sunday night.  My car was stuck, I had to shovel myself out with a snow brush, and despite helping somebody else push their car out – not one person helped me!  I wanted to head out for a run on Tuesday, but again the snow came and piled up again.  Nothing was shoveled and running in the street isn’t a smart option with cars sliding in the city.  I ended up taking another rest day and started looking into a gym membership just for a treadmill.

Wednesday I went to CrossFit Endurance for an hour.  It wasn’t a huge workout, but that’s what I like about the new Wednesday night program.  It forces me to spend at least one night doing run specific movements and I get to practice my form with drills I can’t do in my apartment.  I definitely feel stronger and I finally am understanding that whole “lean from your ankles” thing.

Date night!
Date night!

It snowed again on Wednesday, though and I realized I cannot train for anything if I’m not running so I went and got myself a gym membership on Thursday.  I considered going for a run that night, but J wanted to check it out with me and wasn’t feeling a workout.  So I signed up at World Gym.  Friday we had a paint night date night with another couple and had a few drinks afterwards.  I’m still not ready for the before work run thing yet, so I didn’t even run until Saturday afternoon on the treadmill.  I forgot how challenging treadmill runs are at first.  I was wheezing, my legs were tired, I was bored and it sucked.  I occasionally bumped it up to high 8 minute miles, but mostly stayed around 10 minutes.  I took a few walk breaks to wet my whistle and whined to myself.  It’ll get better, right?

Sunday was another CrossFit class, but not for endurance.  I took my cousin to check it out and despite the workout sounding easy (no real weights), it was intense.  We started with overhead squats for two minutes after the warm-up, which is a challenge in itself for me, and then about thirty minutes of an actual workout.  The actual workout was four rounds of seven different stations, each station was one minute.  We had wall balls, plank, lateral hops/steps, burpees, chin-ups, and rowing.  There was also one minute of rest after the chin-ups.  So yeah, it didn’t sound terrible and it didn’t feel bad, but then I got in the car and onto the couch and now I don’t even want to get up to pee or eat.

Basically this was a really crappy week for running.  I’m okay with it.   I did something about it (gym membership) and I know that’ll make things a lot easier.  I’m excited for cross training opportunities (spinning) and the sauna, too.  I’m also excited for the nap I’m going to take after I hit publish.

Onwards and upwards next week, I swear.


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

3 thoughts on “Base Building: Week 19”

  1. I can relate to having an eh week for training. I felt like I started off on a good foot but it kind of all faded from there. Obviously with my back issues…I’m over winter as well and we haven’t had nearly the snow you have (and gosh I hope we never do).


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