Base Building: Week 18

Monday – Rest

I love rest days.  I napped, so I became very productive in my post-nap status when I couldn’t go to bed.  I finally took out the two bags of stinky garbage, registered my domain, estimated some taxes on the gym W2’s I haven’t received yet to see how much difference it makes in my return, and signed up for a 5k this Sunday.

I don’t sign up for races on a whim and the thought of running a 5k right now makes my stomach turn, but when I got a text from Hollie and Heather that this was an option in Syracuse, I was somewhat peer pressured in and I bit the bullet.  Okay, they didn’t peer pressure me much at all, but eff.  [Spoiler alert: a storm came through and we didn’t run, anyways!]

What happens when you get four coffee drinking, running bloggers together for breakfast?
What happens when you get four coffee drinking, running bloggers together for breakfast?

Tuesday – Easy Run (3.14 miles)

Despite what media might make it sound like, Buffalo really doesn’t get the most snow in New York but that doesn’t mean I’m not sick of it (for maybe the first time in my life).  The sidewalks and streets are just a soft, mushy mess of inches of snow that feels like sand.  I can only hope that all these miles in these conditions will bring some legitimate racing legs.

Wednesday – CrossFit Endurance (1:00)

It’s finally here: CrossFit Endurance at CFNC!  I love what CrossFit has done for me so far, but I’m really pumped to see what it can do when it targets the training I’m doing outside the box.  We reviewed form drills that I do work on currently (ankling) but finally got that “ankle lean” explained to me with a way to train it.  It’s so hard to know what your body is supposed to do and translate that to actually doing.

The actual workout was every minute on the minute, with some adjustments for me like swapping out the double unders for lateral single leg jumps to a platform.  Each set concluded with one minute of rest.

Set 1 – 6 single leg squats on each leg, 6 lateral jumps
Set 2 – 16 toes to bar, 10 hand release push-ups
Set 3 – 1:00 rowing, 6 burpees to bar

I didn’t finish out the burpee challenge they’ve been doing (each day we add a burpee) because I know my limits.  My left leg was a little irritated, I believe from the lateral jumps.  I’m still modifying my burpees, too.  I jump my knees to my chest with as little impact as possible but I lift my legs at the top instead of the hop, plus I stepped over the bar with good run form instead of jumping over the bar.

Thursday and Friday were more rest for the week, unfortunately.  I woke up with my left calf (outer side) really sore, but had a rest day planned anyways.  I massaged, iced, and compressed expecting it to resolve by Friday morning.  It didn’t.  After much Googling and consulting my NASM textbooks, it seems to be the peroneal muscles, peroneus longus to be specific.  It probably wasn’t ideal for the single leg jumps Wednesday after a day of running, nor was it helpful to massage as deeply as I did.  Maybe I could have run on it, but I’m still in the camp of better safe than sorry.  Saturday was a rest day, too, but that was a little different.  I was traveling to Rochester to meet up with Heather, Hollie, and Laura for the night!  And resting meant red velvet cheesecake, so much food, some beer, and a lot of coffee.  Resting is the best.

Sunday – Long run (6.28 miles)

Heather, Laura, Hollie, and myself just cheezin' with some coffee.
Heather, Laura, Hollie, and myself just cheezin’ with some coffee.

We woke up early on Sunday and it was already snowing with a weather advisory stretching from Syracuse to Buffalo for the afternoon, so we arrived at a general consensus to nix the race.  I was a tiny bit disappointed because I hate spending money on races I don’t run, but safety (and a delicious breakfast with so much coffee) comes first.  It ended up working out because I was able to head home earlier and get in a long run, which is probably more beneficial than a race right now anyways.

I went straight to Delaware Park before home because I knew I wouldn’t step back out if I didn’t.  I considered running anywhere from 6-7 miles, not including my walking warm-up or cool-down.  It was crappy outside.  The snow hurt when it pounded my face, it was getting a little slick from the steady snow, and the winds were cruel.  I just took it slow and focused on my form, turning around every so often to check out my footprints.  My femoral control is finally getting a little better, but it’s draining to focus for that long on one leg.  After about 5 miles, my feet and ankles started to get a little sore from the pounding, but not in pain.  That’s when I decided to stop at 6 miles, but I didn’t hear my Garmin and caught it at 6.28 miles.  I recall about a month ago when my feet would get sore from pounding at 2 miles, so I’ve come a really long way in a short time.  It’s slowly coming back.


I didn’t do any yoga this week and it felt good to not pressure myself to get it done.  I have a few videos I like and I want to incorporate them into my routine, but maybe once a week is more appropriate… I’m a runner, not a yogi.  Despite only running twice and spending a few days really sore, I’m really happy with the way everything played out.  I know I’m still on this journey of recovery, but each week I’m surprising myself.  I still expect little twinges to come up; my muscles, tendons, and joints haven’t been used to this kind of impact for a really long time — things will hurt.  The important thing is that they don’t linger anymore.  It’s sore, I take care of it, it goes away.  I’m recovering from the stress.

I ran 9.5 miles last week, not including my walking warm-ups and cool-downs.  This week I’ll hit double digits for the first time since last February.  Every week I’m achieving something I wasn’t doing a year ago and it feels amazing.  I’ve been running every single week (at least a half mile) for five months, which has never happened.  I’d always run 4 and track or cross country season would end, I would end up deployed in NYC, or I got injured.  Five straight months?  I can’t believe it’s been that long already.  I’m not ready to race and I might end up run/walking Lake Effect, but I’m doing better than ever.


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3 thoughts on “Base Building: Week 18”

  1. I’m still in a food coma right now. Granted I’m still in Rochester but I had such a seriously great time seeing you. I wish that storm hadn’t rolled through so we could have actually gone to the race. Oh well, we will race together soon. 😉


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