Base Building: Week 17

Sometimes I get lazy and I fall short of my weekly goals.  I’m human.  I’m a little disappointed I couldn’t find it in me to just suck it up, but then I remember that taking it slow over the past month, sometimes slower than I wish I had to, has been what’s gotten me here.  “Here” being that place where I can run a few times a week, not be crippled, and have been making slow, but steady process.  That’s the important thing.  If I don’t have the endurance to run the half marathon, I will trot along slowly and see what happens.  It’s not the end of the world (remind me of that when the day comes, please).

My new favorite non-soda/pop - pop!
My new favorite non-soda/pop – pop!

Monday – CrossFit (1:00)

I thought I was attending an endurance specific class, but it was just regular and a heck of a workout to start with when getting back into the swing of things.  The skill was front and back squats; I finally progressed enough (something finally clicked) to add weight to the back squats!  The actual workout was for time, but I didn’t even pay attention to the clock: 10 hand stand push-ups (did mine at an angle), 20 wall balls (10lbs), 30 toes to bar, 40 hang power cleans (33 lbs), 50 burpees.

I needed a lot of recovery time after that.

Tuesday and Wednesday were purely rest days.  I was so sore that the thought of running was unbearable, yoga was too exhausting, and using a foam roller, let alone a lacrosse ball, was the last thing my body could handle.  I know they are good tools for recovery, but seriously.  This body was not having it.

Thursday – “Tempo” Run (1.5 miles), Yoga (25:00)

I set out thinking it was a lot warmer than it really was and did not dress appropriately, so I cut my run a good 1-2 miles short.  I wore a lose shirt under my jacket, which let all the frigid air up my front and froze everything but the girls (let’s all be thankful for sports bras).  Have you ever tried to freeze a part of your body with an ice cube to secretly pierce it because your parents wouldn’t let you get it done?  Yeah, that’s what was going on all over.  No, thank you.

So, my run was just a mile and a half gradually getting quicker,  but averaging a 9:23 pace to just get some turnover in these legs and burn in the lungs.  Thankfully, most ice was melted and I was able to run without fear of busting my ass.

I finished the night out with 25 minutes of yoga and decided I’m over it.  I’m really sick of this yoga program.

Eat to Perform Challenge approved (and tasty!)
Eat to Perform Challenge approved (and tasty!)

Friday was another rest day since I knew I was gearing up for six miles on Saturday.  I thought about yoga, but decided to nap before a potluck dinner with the CFNC group.  See?  I got really lazy this week.

The dinner was delicious and I learned that I like Brussels sprouts (and that it’s Brussels, not brussel), as well as cauliflower crust pizza, and plantain biscuits.  I consider that a total success.

Saturday – Long Run (5 miles)

I met up at the gym for a new running group they started with some members and their friends.  I don’t have any running friends in Buffalo, so I was pretty excited.  I opted to run with a 9:30/mile pace group rather than the 10:00+ I’ve been running on my own.  It was a lot more challenging than I’d like to admit.  We did three miles as a group, chatting the entire way (I was pretty breathless when talking) averaging 9:15-9:45/mile.  I casually tossed it out there at the end that I wanted to hit six miles, if anyone cared to join me.  A woman training for her first full Ironman and her brother in law joined me.  She had 50 minutes on schedule, so we cut it at 5 miles.  Our average was a little slower at about 10:00/mile.

I was okay with stopping after five.  My legs were like jelly, I was winded, I was hungry.  I was ready to go home.  Considering the pace was faster than I normally set out, the effort was there – just in terms of pace, not miles.

I promptly laid on the couch for the rest of the afternoon after 20 minutes with my friend Mr. Lacrosse Ball.

Next week's goals.
Next week’s goals.

Sunday – Yoga (20:00)

I tried two separate videos for the whole yoga thing and neither my mind, nor body were feeling it.  I did enough to get a stretch in and meet my mobility goals for the Eat to Perform Challenge but not much more.

I did however take note of how awesome I felt, despite my longest run since the Turkey Trot.  I easily felt 100% recovered.  Whether that’s because I spent 10 minutes using the stick after the run, followed by 20 minutes with the lacrosse ball at home an hour later, or the nutrition changes I’ve made, or simply my fitness — I’m really happy.


It was a hard week for motivation.  I’m hoping all the laziness can get out of my system before I start training in March.  I fell short of my 8.5 mile goal for the week, running just 6.5 miles.  Fortunately, I was able to fit in CrossFit and 45 minutes of yoga.  In the spirit of being positive, that’s something I never did before when I was running so my lazy today is way more beneficial than my lazy was two years ago.


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2 thoughts on “Base Building: Week 17”

  1. You can do it!! Don’t be down on yourself- you can do anything you put your mind to. You had some great workouts this week. What’s important is that you’re up and moving! Way to go! XOXO


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