Base Building: Week 16

Just 30 minutes outside and Under Armour doesn't even help.
Just 30 minutes outside and Under Armour doesn’t even help.

There aren’t many feelings that compare to the one you get when you finally have your first week back to running after sickness.  While I didn’t face the challenge of being sick anymore, I did face the challenge of clean eating.  I experienced more energy most days, but realized fast that I wasn’t eating enough to support my active lifestyle.

Monday – Yoga (20:00)

I didn’t fulfill all my yoga requirements for last week, so I snuck this one in for my post-run rest day.

Tuesday – Easy Run (2.9 miles),  Yoga (10:00)

Given the ice, I’ve had to walk over snowbanks and take my time.  It’s basically just getting out there to move.  My right ankle was feeling a little stiff, but given my run on Sunday, I expected some residual crankiness to surface.

When I finally warmed up at home (my legs looked like a lobster), I started to do the post-run yoga video, but after about ten minutes I became really lightheaded.  I was lucky that J was on his way over because standing up to get water made me lightheaded no matter how slowly I moved.  He made me some cheesy eggs and all was right in the world again.  I made the mental note to get more food Wednesday so this never happens again.

Workin' on those windmills.
Workin’ on those windmills.

Wednesday – PT Exercises (20:00)

I took Wednesday as a bit of a recovery day, but gave my glutes and hip flexors a nice workout.  They were sore from my previous runs which was a little exciting.  If they’re sore from running, I must be doing something right in my running!

Thursday – Easy Run (2.2 miles), Yoga (25:00)

Again, I didn’t bother with pace.  It warmed up, snow melted and made the ice nice and slick.  I’m over the ice.  Just an easy run without any soreness this time.

Afterward I did an IT band stretch focused yoga video.  It wasn’t my favorite and I’m very thankful to [knock on wood] never have had IT band issues, but it was a heck of a stretch.  My legs were shaking uncontrollably when I was laying on my back with them stretched overhead in various ways using a rope.  It wasn’t painful, more like a nerve reaction.  Either way — not a fan of this class.

Friday – Rest

Painting for my sister's 17th birthday!
Painting for my sister’s 17th birthday!

I woke up with my right foot throbbing and achy which sent me into a downward panic spiral.  Ohmygosh, what if I have a stress fracture? Immediate reactions are never dramatic, right?  The entire day it had a weird dull ache on the top, closer to my 4th and 5th toes.  I just iced it on and off at work all day and took a rest day.

Saturday – Yoga (1:15)

Given that I just took a rest day, I opted for the more upbeat yoga class called “Multilevel Morning Flow” and oh boy did it flow.  It was down right hard.  Some of the options given I was able to advance up a step, but it really kicked my ass more than any run I’ve done lately.

The top of the bridge, looking smug.
The top of the bridge, looking smug.

Sunday – Easy Run (2.5 miles) and Yoga (35:00)

I’m a really poor planner when it comes to my routes.  Sometimes I don’t consider the way my legs feel and the implications of going a certain route.  I headed towards the lake and pedestrian bridge because it’s pretty, but I didn’t think about how tired my legs were from yoga or the fact that this is my third run in the week, which hasn’t happened since October.  Yeah, my legs were shot to the point where I just wanted to walk home, but I figured I’m just tired — I’m not hurting, I’m not injured — FINISH.  So, I did.

I came home and immediately did a Bend and Stretch yoga video, which was relaxed, without any rapid movements.  It was exactly what I needed after that run.

I’m hesitant to jump for joy, but I think I should after this week.  It was a truly phenomenal way to come back after being sick.  I’m now basically running where I was at in October before my tibia got really pissed off.  It hasn’t felt that way since and I’m still toning down parts of my CrossFit workouts (burpees, for example) to take off some of the impact outside running.  I feel like I have a good routine with the yoga, adding in CrossFit and this base can finally build into Lake Effect Half Marathon.

Overall, I managed an all time yoga high (2:45) and ran 8.9 miles, including the 1.5 miles of walking warm-ups and cool-downs.  I’ve always been a 12-15 mile per week runner, guys.  I’m almost there.

Next week’s plans are some CrossFit Endurance (they started a program for runners, triathletes, etc.), two runs including a six miler, and of course, my four yoga classes according to the online program.  Things are looking up in my neck of the woods!


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One thought on “Base Building: Week 16”

  1. I’m really glad to hear it wasn’t a stress fracture. I was actually going to text you and see! It sounds like with the exception of the stress fracture scare, it was a pretty solid week for you.


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