Base Building: Week 15

It took almost two weeks, but as of Sunday, I was finally over every part of the sickness.  I started to feel better and ended up going for a run on Wednesday, which set me back until the weekend.  Basically, I spent a lot of the week catching up on sleep and finishing up the Gilmore Girls series.

Monday – Rest Day

I couldn’t stop coughing, therefore I couldn’t breathe enough to do yoga and I definitely couldn’t go for a run.

Tuesday – Yoga (1:00)

I started a yoga for runners program!  Recently I’ve been just picking up some running specific videos, but wasn’t doing any sort of “program”.  I found one on Do Yoga With Me that lasts six weeks and admittedly, it’s a little intense.  Each week there’s a one-hour video – you choose a more active or passive one that week, then three shorter videos (under thirty minutes) to be done before or after your runs.  It’s a much bigger time commitment than I was previously doing and I didn’t meet it this week due to being sick, still.

Today’s yoga was “Restoring Equilibrium” and about 20 minutes of it total were relaxation — I wasn’t really interested in that today.

Wednesday – Easy Run (2.5 miles), Yoga (27:00)

You know how when you start to feel better, you really start to feel better… and it’s probably sooner than you should work out?  Yeah, that.  I took it easy and other than my arches getting sore, I feel great injury-wise.

Afterwards, I did my next set of yoga, “Hips, Hamstrings, and Back”.  It was slower paced than the running ones I’ve been doing, but it really did feel amazing.

I spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday resting.  Thursday and Friday was largely due to the set back from running on Wednesday.  Saturday I debated all back and forth with myself if I wanted to head out, but ultimately passed.  The gusts were approaching 30mph and I knew none of the sidewalks were shoveled.

Sunday – Yoga (22:00), Long Run (4 miles)

CFNC 21 DayPre-Run yoga was on the menu today, which is probably the most challenging video I’ve done.  It actually tired me out a little before my run.

This was my longest run since Thanksgiving, which was my longest run since like February 2014 or something equally outrageous.  For every one shoveled sidewalk section, there were three un-shoveled.  I never ran a cross country race that was as difficult as running through six inches of soft snow and slush.  You take one step forward and two or three back, you have no traction, and it sucks.  I have Yak Trax, I should really use them.

By the end of the run, my hip flexors, glutes and core were exhausted.  I can’t recall having runs before my injury where anything really had that feeling, so I’m a little excited — things are firing the way they should be!  I came back and took an ice bath for my calves down.  Four miles isn’t ice bath territory, but with my history I’m willing to do anything.  The one thing I need to focus more on is lacrosse ball massaging because these calves are cranky sometimes.

Tomorrow starts my 21-day CFNC challenge/sugar detox and up for prepping is Crockpot Cilantro Lime Chicken (without corn or tortilla chips, to abide by the rules) and some pre-made egg muffins with cheddar, peppers, and onions.  It’s going to be a long three weeks, everyone!

This week I ran an easy 6.5 miles, the most since the end of October.  I finished feeling healthy and never having thought “shoot, I’m injured” feeling during any workout.  I even conquered almost two hours of yoga, despite skipping one session.  It’s going to be a stretch to make it through a half marathon at the end of February, but I need to remind myself that it’s not about the time — it’s about finishing without an injury.


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One thought on “Base Building: Week 15”

  1. It sounds like you are progressing appropriately and injury free. I could not be happier for you. It’s great to hear you aren’t feeling injured or run down you know?

    I wish I had Yak Trax on my run yesterday…I was seriously sliding everywhere.


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