Base Building: Week 14

My wonky right leg remains wonky.
My wonky right leg remains wonky.

As per usual, things never go as planned.  What started out as a fabulous week ended up with me catching a little bit of what everyone else has.  Apparently pounding Emergen-C like it’s going out of style isn’t a guarantee, but so far it seems like I’ve avoided the 3 week illness everyone else has contracted.  I’m on day three and getting better, which is exactly what needs to happen because choosing a half marathon in winter when you’re not in half marathon shape isn’t really the best idea if you get sick.

Monday – Yoga (20:00),  Easy Run (2.8 miles)

Amazingly, I woke up with J’s alarm again and continued my Monday yoga streak. This time I chose a new yoga video – pre-run yoga.  I was convinced I was going to die; despite the beginner category, this was some seriously hard shit.  But alas!  I finished, drank my coffee, and headed off to work like the working woman I am.

After work, I took off on an easy run.  My paces are starting to come back to me!  The warm-up and cool-down walks were each .4 miles, with a 2.8 mile run in the middle.  I finally decided to listen to Serial, after hearing so many awesome things about it, though I’m not really a podcast girl (this is my first!).  I’ll admit, I was a little terrified listening because I run through the city after work when it’s dark – this in itself doesn’t scare me, but when listening to this story?  Yeah, it scares a little.

Overall the run went really well, it was entirely pain free!  Averaging 9:50 miles felt good and though my calf was a little tight and sore, it was a workout soreness not even close to injury soreness.

Tuesday – Rest Day

I felt really run down and laid low.  Running errands for the New Year’s Eve party I was throwing took precedence over working out.  A full rest day felt nice after three full workout days.

I can't be the only person who photographs bottles of the wine they love when they're out at dinner, right? Right?
I can’t be the only person who photographs bottles of the wine they love when they’re out at dinner, right? Right?

Wednesday – Easy (2.4 miles)

It was incredibly windy outside, the snow was starting and the last thing I wanted to do was run.  I seriously stood in front of my window listening to it creak with each gust and tried to convince myself it wasn’t worth it.  I’m a little nutty though and I headed outside.  I didn’t warm-up with my typical walk (too damn cold), the first 20 steps or so felt crabby, but that dissipated pretty quickly.  Listening to Serial this time wasn’t as terrifying; I actually kind of like the podcast while running thing.

Despite the slick sidewalks, I managed 9:50s for my pace.  The great thing about snowy sidewalks with nobody else is I can turn around and see what these wonky legs are doing.  And they were being wonky.  I really need to find a way to get some better femoral control.

Thursday through Sunday were basically rest days.  Thursday started with the whole “It’s New Year’s Day, I’m lazy.” mentality, Friday was a holiday dinner and drinks with friends — neither resulted in lack of working out because of hangovers for once.  Starting Saturday night though, I started to feel even crappier and it kind of carried on from there.  You win some, you lose some.  I managed about ten minutes of yoga on Saturday just to stretch my legs out, but it wasn’t anything strenuous.

Had I not gotten The Sickness (I blame the sick friend that came to my house and to the holiday dinner), this week would have been exactly what I needed, but hopefully that’s what the upcoming week gives me.  As of Tuesday night, I’m feeling better but still a little tired.  I probably could have gone for a run, but I’ve never been one to workout when even a little sick, prolonging the crappy feeling isn’t really my cup of tea.

I ran 5.2 miles not including a mile of walking and about 30 minutes of yoga. I’m really disappointed I didn’t get that third day of running to see what happens, but this week is another chance.  It isn’t all bad though – officially four weeks straight of increasing running from under 4 miles to just over 6 miles is pretty successful in my book.  I’m increasing very slowly, but finally having success.  I can’t believe I’m excited over five miles in a week; who am I?


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