2014: Never Looking Back

Sitting here reading the recaps of your year, in addition to thinking about my own, I’ve drawn one general conclusion.  It sucked.  The majority of things I’ve read have reflected goals that we fell short of, season-ending injuries, personal-life struggles, and an overall sigh of relief that we can finally say “You’ve been a dick, 2014!” and move on.  I’ve read and remembered a few positives along the past twelve months, too [happy dance right here], but heck, 2014 has been a rough suckfest.

I’m so ready to say good-bye to 2014.

I started out with my bike being stolen from behind a locked door on New Year’s Eve.  Sweet!

But I was positive for the outlook of running. Hey, I think I’m ready to kick some serious race ass!  I had runs where everything was sore, but I thought that was normal and it would eventually subside.  I even started marathon training!  How stupid could I be?  I was running 5-8 mile weeks and then jumped right into 11, 13, 15, and 17 mile weeks!  It’s no wonder I crashed and burned at the Lake Effect Half Marathon.  I talked a lot about how things felt amazing and pain free, but I don’t really remember ever being totally pain free.  I honestly might have been lying to myself.

Fortunately in those two months of false hope, there was a bright spot.  I met Laura (Catching my Breath), Heather (Upstate Runner), and Hollie (Fueled by LOLZ) — they aren’t creepers hanging out in their Mom’s basements.  Despite living hours apart from them, it’s really nice to finally have runner friends who get it.

After LEHM, I was a cranky, cranky woman from March through June. We’ll call these the dark months.  I couldn’t run and we weren’t sure why things weren’t progressing.  My personal life was putting me in a terribly sour mood, too.  Thankfully, I have friends who I can count on, even when they live in other states, and I took an impromptu trip to Baltimore to visit Darci.  You know you need a girl’s weekend when you’re willing to drive 6 hours on a Friday, arriving at 9pm and leave at noon on Sunday.  J and I also took a vacation together; we headed to Chicago for the week.  Things started to perk up both personally and running wise with a second opinion and confirmation of my tendonitis diagnosis.

As the second half of the year approached, I began my start to running again with run-walks, which was never part of my training.  I started at the very bottom (now we’re here…).  I also left my job at the gym, was discharged from physical therapy, officially approached the latter half of my 20s, and took another vacation (my first time to the Adirondacks!).  Things were finally starting to look up, even a couple things at home that I thought would really bring me down ended up being for the better.

imagesWith the year winding down, I’m happy to say in all aspects of my life, things are better than they were last year at this time.  I’ve been running (mostly) consistently for three months, taking my sweet ass time to get back into a goal race.  I’m in a much better apartment which is just as nice, if not better, than one I lived in two years ago with somebody else… except I pay for it on my own.  I got a promotion at work which pays better and I love to come to work again.  The Buffalo Bills finally had a winning record at the end of the season.  And last, but certainly not least, people in my family are truly happy for once.

So yeah, 2014 was a giant jerk-off for the majority of its life.  If I could skip about nine months of the year, I would in a heartbeat, no questions asked.  But without a lot of the crap (specifically the running crap) I had to deal with, I’m confident that wouldn’t have been running today.

Hey 2015, I’m coming for you.  You’re not a prime number, but I do like odds, too, so let’s be friends.


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

2 thoughts on “2014: Never Looking Back”

  1. OMG. First of all, dying at your comment about hanging out in mom’s basement.

    I’m glad that you are beginning to run again. I know 2015 will be good to you.


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