Passing Go, Collecting Miles

Last week I watched an episode of Gilmore Girls and it clicked.  

Lorelai is in the hospital waiting for Sookie Baby #2.  She’s eating an apple, freaking out, because the last time she ate an apple she was pregnant with Rory and she just knew.  Granted, it was a false alarm but in a similar fashion, last week I had that same experience where I just knew.  [Don’t jump to conclusions.]   I just knew my injuries were behind me.

It has been a big struggle to maintain motivation since I was cleared to start running again back in June.  I’ve been doing this running thing for over three months now, but never once did it feel easy or fun, but more like a chore that I had to do.  I started to think maybe running just wasn’t my “thing” anymore.  But the past week?  It’s all I’ve wanted to do.  I don’t even want to look at a barbell or squat rack.  A week of fun, Christmas, friends, family — but all I want to do is put on my sneakers and run forever.  That was my “a-ha!” Lorelai eating an apple moment.

Injured RunningInjury free, could it be?  I’m stilling feeling like I can’t actually train yet.  I’m so hesitant to call this running anything other than “testing out my legs to make sure they don’t hurt.” but in reality, I’m building a strong base, which is a type of training I never did before – probably what put me here in the first place.  I haven’t had just one or two good runs sporadically, I’ve had them consecutively.  And they haven’t been so-so, it could be better type runs – they’ve been legitimate (legit enough to use the full word) damn good, nothing hurts type runs.  You know… those runs you’ve taken for granted your entire life untilyoucan’trunfor18monthswithoutpainandthenyourunandyoudidn’tevenknowaruncouldfeelthatamazingsoyoucan’tstoptalkingaboutitrun?  [DEEP BREATH] Yeah, that.

Despite what the tracker says on the right side of the blog, I have just under two months until the infamous Lake Effect Half Marathon, which is what ultimately killed me last year.  I went into the race with full-blown ragey tendonitis and despite the pain, refused to stop because I’m a stubborn SOB.  This year, I know I’m in much better condition and I refuse to have a set back.

I’m using LEHM as the milestone at the peak my base building.  A successful injury free race will be the turning point in my mind when I can stop wondering, “When is this going to hurt again?” and start to make a plan for those goals I have.

slow and steadyI won’t be logging crazy miles when LEHM comes around, but I will have a base to build upon, which is new for me.  Simply hitting 15 miles per week safely (my average for the half marathons I’ve actually trained for in the past) is going to be the best start to the 2015 racing season.  After reading so many people’s logs in my injury hiatus, I’m used to seeing 30-40 mile averages each week so I really need to remind myself I was never that runner (yet!) and my peak week hasn’t gone about 25, which was on just one occasion (oh, then I got hurt, how about that?).

Thinking about those 15 miles makes me so excited — I’m just two months shy of being back at running what I was two years ago!  It might not be fast, it might include anything other than “easy”, but it’s fifteen miles done the right way, for the first time in my life.  Yes, I will pass go. Yes, I will collect miles.


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