Base Building: Week 13

Monday PT Sequence
Monday PT Sequence

Hello lucky number thirteen, you were a fabulous week.  Who says 13 has to be an unlucky number?

Monday – Yoga (20:00), PT Exercises (35:00)

Waking up at 7:30 for my new position felt comfortable for the first couple of months this past Fall, but lately I’ve been exhausted, constantly hitting snooze.  As much as I wanted to get back to the way I used to feel, nothing seemed to help.  Somehow, I woke up with J’s 6am alarm on Monday and decided instead of willing myself back to sleep (which I’m very successful at), I’d just wake up and get stuff done.

I did the 20 minute video of Yoga for Runners – Injury Prevention in a dimly lit living room, followed by enjoying my coffee and cooking myself a true breakfast with eggs and toast.  I was relatively sore from Sunday’s run so the yoga felt great, especially after 8 hours in bed.  Who am I?  Yoga and breakfast before 7am?!

After work, I caught up on TV shows and completed 35 minutes of PT related exercises for my glutes and hip flexors.  I’ve started to write the things I plan to do in my Believe I Am journal in the morning so when I come home, I actually do them.  I’m a complete perfectionist when it comes to pen and paper; I would write and then re-write (as many as three times!) sets of notes in college to ensure they were absolutely perfect.  Considering I can’t fathom crossing something out and white out isn’t an option on paper that isn’t white (or really ever, in my world), if I write that I did something, I better do it.

Ice, Ice Baby (don't judge the lack of ice, it was still frigid!)
Ice, Ice Baby (don’t judge the lack of ice, it was still frigid!)

Tuesday – “Long” Run (3.5 miles)

I didn’t know that it could be mid 50s at the end of December in Western New York, but apparently this happens occasionally.  I took it easy and focused on everything from head down.  It was really difficult to keep my arms moving straight and I felt incredibly awkward, but maybe that’s because I was finally doing it “right”.  I noticed my knees touching and couldn’t figure out how to make it stop but it seemed better when I focused on an active core and glutes, glutes, glutes!  Whether that was the trick or concentrating so hard just made my legs move differently, who knows.  I felt so funky altering my form, but I didn’t once feel pain.  No, pain!  Am I back?  I might be back.

I took a ten minute ice bath for my calves down, which really helped with my recovery for the next day.

Wednesday – CrossFit (1:00)

The 12 Days of Christmas (CrossFit style)
The 12 Days of Christmas (CrossFit style)

On the first day of Christmas, my CrossFit coach gave to me… Yikes.  What an ass kicking!  It wasn’t for time and we didn’t advance into the next round until everyone completed the previous round, so it was a bit easier to maintain proper form.

If you’re keeping track at home, by the time we finished the workout we tallied 12 thrusters, 22 kettlebell swings, 30 wall balls, 32 box jumps, 40 jumping lunges, 42 air squats, 42 push-ups, 40 toes to bar, 36 pull-ups, 30 burpees, 22 ring dips, 12 power snatches.

I modified as necessary and by the time the thrusters came around I discovered I had a shoulder cramp!  I ended up finishing that round with front squats instead because I was afraid I’d drop the bar on my head.  Seriously, a shoulder cramp?

Thursday – Rest

Christmas was exhausting.  J and I were awake around 8am, followed by our Christmas together, then his Mom’s, then my Mom’s, then back to his Mom’s.  By the time we got home it was nearing 9pm and twelve hours with family is overwhelming (at least for me)… I was ready for bed.

Friday – RestChristmas

I took an unanticipated rest day on Friday due to my allergies.  Being around all the animals on Christmas, I was sucking down my inhaler like nobody’s business and the adrenaline paired with an allergy pill on a somewhat empty stomach made me so loopy.  I couldn’t shake the feeling and spent the day lounging on the couch.  While I had the energy, the lightheaded feeling wasn’t something I wanted to test with a run by myself.

Saturday – “Progression” Run (2.8 miles)

I had just enough time to squeeze in a run between visiting my Dad for Christmas two hours away and friends coming over for wine and girl talk.  I did a quick active warm-up in my apartment and started my run without a walk beforehand.  Focusing on my arms felt more comfortable and I didn’t notice my knees touching.  Everything felt right.  My left ankle felt stiff for the first block, but quickly loosened up.  The entire run passed easily without a tired feeling in my arches or even the occasional stress my ankles sometimes feel.  I felt like I was running through a cloud of anti-gravity dust, if there were such a thing.  Once I hit the downhill portions of my run, I just let it cruise and picked up speed.  I debated running a full 3-3.5 miles, but knowing I’ve increased basically every week since the beginning of November, I didn’t want to even push one full extra mile in this week’s mileage.

Sunday – Yoga (20:00), PT Exercises (35:00)

Gathering all my runner's nutrition for a strong, healthy 2015!
Gathering all my runner’s nutrition for a strong, healthy 2015!

After a night of wine, followed by ten hours of sleeping, and an afternoon of football watching, the last thing I wanted to do was get off the couch… but I wasn’t about the ruin the comeback feeling in my runs by skipping out on this week’s injury prevention routine.

In addition to the routine on Monday, I added some foot-hand crawls for good measure and mini-band walks.

Each week lately has been beating out the previous “best week ever” feeling.  My Timehop conveniently reminded me that last year at this time, I was struggling to find out why my ankle was being so crabby.  Last December, I ran 23 miles for the month.  This December, I’ll hit about 30 miles.  It isn’t crazy, but they sure feel a lot better than last year’s did.

This week I met the goals I set.  Two sessions of PT exercises and yoga (Monday and Sunday), as well as a little more than last week’s miles: 6.3 running, 1.5 walking.  My upcoming goals for the week continue in the same fashion with two sessions of PT exercises and yoga, but three days of running to reach 7-7.5 miles.  Lately, I’ve struggled to run more than twice a week; I was always having some sort of residual crankiness in my ankles when I tried to step it up.  That crankiness seems to have dissipated so I want to try to get back into three days a week, with no back-to-back runs.  I’ll feel better with increasing mileage if it’s spread over three runs… but if my body doesn’t cooperate, I know I can make it to the Lake Effect Half Marathon in February on just two each week.


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3 thoughts on “Base Building: Week 13”

  1. I wonder if your ankles will feel cranky if you run 3 runs with less miles? It seems like you are doing really well though and I’m glad to hear you are meeting your goals.


    1. I agree, that is what I am going to try this week. I was doing that in October and the shin splints happened but things feel better now than they did then. I’m aiming for a 3 miler and two 2ish milers this week.


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