Until about two years ago, I didn’t venture anywhere outside the realm of running and the occasional ab workout (Jay Johnson’s Boot Camp Fitness DVD was my favorite in college).  The thought gave me anxiety, kind of like ordering at Chipotle.  (Does ordering at Chipotle make anyone else anxious?  There is a hoard of hungry faces behind you, listening to every word out of your mouth and God forbid you don’t know what you should order.)  Somehow I’ve overcome the anxiety and started Spinning, became a group fitness instructor, and now began CrossFit.  Actually looking back on it, I haven’t really overcome any anxiety, I just sucked it up and tried new things.

While running and CrossFit is getting me closer to where I want to be, I’m not quite there yet.   I work inside an office and like most office jobs, mine is extremely sedentary.  I sit at my desk approximately 8 hours a day and get up only a few times.  When I get home, I’m not exactly standing all night either.  In all honesty, my lifestyle doesn’t really set me up for success even if I do make it a point to work out and become friends with my foam roller.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned from reading articles upon articles about running injuries and health, it’s that sitting all day is pretty awful for your body.

So, Brittany meets runner’s yoga.

A year and half ago, I tried yoga and hated everything about it.  I suppose 18 months away is enough time to test it out again, this time not on Niagara Circle on a weeknight after work with a bunch of other people.  I’m shocked to say this time I actually enjoyed my 25 minutes of yoga.  Who knew?

Googling “yoga for runners” is actually really intimidating because there are so many resources… or “resources”.  As with anything on the internet, anyone can claim to be an expert.  The first five sites I pulled from the first few pages had a large variety of poses geared towards runners and a few pictures made me skeptical just how expert the “expert” was.  After a few more clicks, I finally chose a video for beginners... but it wasn’t very beginner-ly.

I surprised myself by how much more flexible I’ve gotten since my first yoga session 18 months ago.  Despite the flexibility, this video will probably kick my ass for another 18 months.  One thing I’ve always underestimated is how much of yoga is actually strength:

Captured from Do Yoga With Me
Captured from Do Yoga With Me

Yeah, I think I may how found one of my December goals.  And January, February, March, goals.

Strength challenges aside, walking around after yoga session felt wonderful.  I guess you don’t really notice how tight you are until you aren’t anymore.  I felt lighter, more free, and more mobile.  And I finally got into the whole zen thing… talk about a stress reliever.  I’m certainly not ready to put myself in a room with other people for yoga, but inside my home?  I think I can swing that.

Anyone else have any awesome yoga resources that they use to incorporate into their routines?


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