Base Building: Week 8

We channeled our inner artist (with help of a fair amount of wine).
We channeled our inner artist (with help of a fair amount of wine).

Hey, this week I actually ran and it wasn’t just 100m sprints in the middle of a WOD.  My calf is still sore when I touch it (maybe I shouldn’t touch it?) but it doesn’t hurt when I do anything else, so I’m not really sure where that stands.  My calf is a jerk.

Monday: Rest Day

  • finally went to Paint on Tap with my Mom, which has been pushed back twice since signing up in July.  We painted the city skyline, drank wine, and had a good time.  I cannot wait to go back!  I’m convincing J to go, even though he keeps giving me a “maybe”… pfft.

Tuesday: CrossFit (1:00)

  • Today in class some things finally clicked!  We warmed up with the usual roll out, followed by some single leg RDLs, which are pretty much my favorite warm-up exercise before running next to the really complicated one that stretches everything out, but can’t begin to explain.  I might one day if I figure out how to avoid making it confusing.
  • I back squatted!  Is that even the proper terminology?  I even did it with the big girl/boy bar!  We kept adding weight and I stopped at 40lbs, so just about 85lbs total.  One of the coaches helped with the weight so I could squat lower without freaking out.  I’m very skeptical to add weight and it’s not that I can’t handle it, but there’s that huge fear there.  I’m grateful they know when to push me and when to stop.
  • We went back to single leg RDLs with a kettlebell (12kg for me), practicing cradling it, then into an overhead push (again, terminology here?)
  • Finally, we had a partner WOD for 10 minutes.  One partner planked while the other ran the course: 3 goblet squats (12kg), jumps over 20″ box, 5 medicine ball throws (15lb), back over a 20″ box, 5 butterfly sit-ups and repeat back to the start where the partner switched.

Wednesday and Thursday: Rest-ish

  • One of these days I shoveled J’s driveway and sidewalk while he prepared some dinner and did the dishes.  Thankfully, neither of us got hit as bad as the rest of Buffalo and it’s basically completely melted around our apartments.

Friday: CrossFit (1:00)

I will be making this at Christmas.
I will be making this at Christmas.
  • Tabata: 8 sets with :20 on, :10 off and about 1:00 rest between each set of 8
    • Mountain Climbers (gently on these poor calves)
    • Single arm KB swings (12kg)
    • Lunges
    • Burpees (minus the jump at the end)
  • Practiced overhead presses (10kg)

Saturday: Rest (date night!)

  • Our first pull out of the restaurant jar was La Tee Da!  It was super tiny (maybe 5 seats at the bar and 20 seats sitting?), but very cute and right down the street.  They had delicious every single thing we had (spinach balls, meatballs, mushroom risotto, pasta with red sauce, and Holiday Sangria).  We concluded the night with a trip to the Dollar Store and watching Dream House on Netflix (surprisingly good, I recommend).

Sunday: A Real Run! (2 miles)

  • I thoroughly warmed up (two episodes of Gilmore Girls) with a heating pad, active stretching, plus a lot of coffee.  I finally headed out in my Newton Gravities and kept it easy-ish, probably pushing the speed a tiny bit.  It felt good to actually be running again, dodging puddles and ice chunks all in the same stride.  My soleus didn’t hurt (woo!) but my left ankle was a little ticked off from my warm-up stretching.  I threw in some old PT stretches that didn’t agree with me then and still don’t.
I at least try to recover appropriately.
I at least try to recover appropriately.

The week felt really good despite my soleus still being sore when I poke it.  I don’t understand how something can hurt when I touch it and then when I actively use it, feel totally normal.  The important thing is that it felt great when I ran on it and hopefully when I run the Turkey Trot this week (probably the only time I run), things will feel great still.


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2 thoughts on “Base Building: Week 8”

  1. This is interesting. I’ve never heard of anything like that but I’m glad you are able to slowly build up again. I’ve seen those painting things a lot lately and I really want to try it. It looks like so much fun.


    1. I don’t think anyone else has heard of it either because I have literally searched everywhere for an answer and have nothing. When it’s touched, you’d expect to see a deep purple bruise — that’s how it feels. But of course, nothing. So bizarre!

      And those paint things are seriously fun. About 2.5 hours and you come home with a fun painting? Yes please!


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