Base Building: Week 7

Relaxation at its finest
Relaxation at its finest

I haven’t done a whole ton of base building lately and I’m not really sure when to start up again.  Yes, my calf still hurts but only to the touch.  It did become more sore the day after some runs during CrossFit so I’m taking that as a big “Don’t start running yet!” sign, but I’m thinking at the end of the upcoming week I can start again just to see how things go.  Recovering is really hard because I can’t figure out if deep massaging is helping or hindering, and if I should be doing a little bit of running to keep stimulating the area or just not.

On Monday, I spent time stretching and rolling.  Again, nothing crazy.  I did take a hot epsom salt bath complete with half a bottle of wine and I’m not sure if it made things feel better or not, but it was relaxing.

Tuesday I went to CrossFit which was Armistice.  Even though I knew the workout before I got there, I still managed to count completely wrong.  My calf was slightly sore to the touch, but I figured what’s a few 100m runs?  We started out with rolling out and I learned a couple arch strengthening exercises.  Armistice is 9 minutes as many rounds as possible of 100m sprint, 11 sit-ups, 11 air squats, next round is 100m sprint, 22 sit-ups, 22 air squats, adding 11 reps each time.  After a two minute break, the next set is 9 minutes of 100m sprint, 11 push-ups, and 11 box jumps — following the same style as the previous set.  Unfortunately, I cannot count for the life of me and I did each consecutive round adding just one rep, not eleven.  I sat there wondering how I was heading out for my sprints so much quicker than everyone else and didn’t feel as exhausted.  Whoops.  (.5 mile running)

I spent Wednesday and Thursday recovering my apartment.  Stretching, rolling, you know the drill.

Date night!
Date night!

Friday came and I figured I’d go to CrossFit, except on Friday’s the schedule is different and I didn’t know so I went when there wasn’t a class.  I felt like a huge jerk, but ended up learning a few more stretches and exercises.

Since I didn’t get to workout Friday, I went on Saturday morning and got my butt kicked.  We did a partner workout which consisted of 8 minute set, sometime off, then a 6 minute set.  In the first set, one partner did burpees while the other did kettlebell swings.  I did swings with a 12kg kettlebell and omitted the jump for half my burpees.  The second set was one partner planking while the other did thrusters.  I did thrusters with a 10kg bar again.  In both sets, you alternated whenever you needed and you couldn’t continue if the other partner was resting.

Afterwards, J and I had our date night and took a trip out to Rochester for the Rochester Americans game.  We ate a healthy dinner at a restaurant we couldn’t find (after the other two really didn’t work out well).  The game was… entertaining.  We got our asses handed to us, but at least there were goals to see.  It was a nice night out for us doing something we don’t do very often.

SaladAnd then Sunday came and I was sore.  I went food shopping and prepped up my breakfast burritos and salads for the week.  Hopefully they will be yummy.  The rest of the night was spent recovering with Vanilla Porter, football, Gilmore Girls, and stretching.  A perfect fall weekend, if you ask me.

Breakfast BurritoOverall, despite uneventful and making me reconsider getting a gym membership if I can’t run, I think it was a good step in the right direction.  I didn’t eat pizza logs or mac and cheese all week (I know, it’s hard to imagine) and 3-4 of my meals were replaced with salads and hummus.  I learned new exercises to help me once I do start running again and I even began taking my Vitamin D and Calcium regularly.  These legs will be bionic soon, I swear.

Total: 2 hours of CrossFit, including a half mile of intervals and a lot of stretching.


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