Base Building: Week Four

The best $8 I've ever spent.  (Okay, J spent.)
The best $8 I’ve ever spent. (Okay, J spent) – Raspberry Mousse Cake from Butterwood Sweet and Savory — mmm!

Oof, these weeks without a day off are really starting to kick my ass.  Learning everything there is to know about personal injury coverage on auto policies for my new job is stressful (though really interesting) and I’ve noticed my shoulders are carrying all that stress.  I feel like I’ve been walking around like the Hunchback of Buffalo.  It doesn’t help that Crossfit on Monday was a pretty extensive shoulder workout, either.  I think I’m going to try to get in for a massage soon all the rolling with foam rollers and golf balls really isn’t getting me anywhere.

Monday: Crossfit

  • We rolled out, practiced hip hinges, drop squats, and plyometric drop squats (woo running geared WOD!) and finally, transitioned to learning squat cleans which I have never done before Monday.
    • I did about 5×5 squat cleans with a 10kg barbell (22lbs), if I remember correctly, then adding on 10lb plates.  It may only be 44lbs, but for me –  that’s a huge victory!
  • Finally, the actual workout was 20 rounds of :30 on, :15 off.  We rotated stations of pull-ups (blue/puple bands for me), burpees, and single arm kettlebell swings with 8kg.
    • I did almost every set of pull-ups on the bar, but I did switch to the rings for two sets towards the end.
  • During the roll out, I turned my inner right calf on the foam roller and hit a deep spot that was (and still is) really sore to the touch.  It was the kind of sore that when you start to role it, you can feel the nerve all the way into the foot.

Tuesday: Rest Day

  • I switched to T-Mobile on a plan with J and his Mom (whoa, big stuff there!), followed by shoveling Pizza Hut pizza into my mouth and eating half the medium pizza myself.  This is why I gained 5lbs in the few months I stopped working out and it isn’t going anywhere.  I’m preparing for winter, ya know?

Wednesday: Long Run (ha) – 40:00

  • Since I don’t have weekends free currently, I have to do my laundry during the week.  Since I don’t have weekends free currently, I have to do most of my runs during the week.  See a pattern?  I had to combine the two, but since there’s only one good dryer, I had to make sure I was back in time to get the good dryer before somebody else did.  (Wow, if that isn’t a total first world problem, I don’t know what is.)
  • The first set was 17 minutes long then I had to change over my laundry, and the last set was 23 minutes for a total of 40 minutes and 3.9 miles.
    • Overall, everything felt good.  I kicked my leg up to open my door (we have fobs and I tied it to my shoe) and thought I pulled something, but it ended up being okay.  Close call!

Thursday: Rest Day

  • It’s restuarant week in Buffalo again!  J and I went out to dinner and had fancy drinks and good conversation.  I ended up feeling really, really sick afterwards for no good reason (maybe that fancy drink?) but it was worth it.

Friday: East Run (26:00)

  • Just a nice, easy run with J before dinner.  I’m so thankful that he enjoys running with me, even though he might never run anything more than a 5k road race (if he does that again).  Since we don’t work in the same department anymore and I’ve been training all day, every day, it’s a nice way to catch up on everything I’ve missed.
  • I felt a slight twinge in my right calf towards the end of the 2.4 mile run, which makes me really nervous.  It isn’t even close to where my tendonitis was bothering me (and a completely different leg), but I don’t want any twinges. I took extra care to compress, ice, massage, and stretch after the run and the soreness started to subside.  I’ll be sure to stay on top of it over the next few days and weeks to make sure it doesn’t get any worse.

Saturday: Rest Day

J laughed at me for my reflective gear, but I'm pretty psyched about it.  And yes, it was cold enough for my hat and gloves!
J laughed at me for my reflective gear, but I’m pretty psyched about it. And yes, I wear a hat and gloves when it’s below 55 because it’s too cold for my ears/hands.
  • Second to last day of work, oof.

Sunday: Short and Easy Run (19:00)

  • Last day of work!  It was slow and I was on my feet for eight hours (so are tons of other people in this world), but it kills my run.  Thankfully, my boy is amazing and still waited for me to get back so we could run together even though it makes his runs terrible.
  • It was cold and a little windy so we kept it short, plus J’s legs weren’t feeling it (8pm Sunday runs aren’t easy, y’know?)
    • 18:44, 1.73 miles


I was a little short of my 88 minute goal, but for good reason, in my opinion.  My calves were sore and though I didn’t believe it was PTT related, I wanted to stay on the safer side of training.  I compressed after every run, iced a couple times after each run, and massaged.  I could have finished out Sunday’s run to make the goal but my ankles and feet were sore, likely from standing all day, plus it was just 3 minutes.  It’ll be okay.

Total for the week: 8 miles (one hour and 25 minutes) and 1 CF class (1:00)
Upcoming goals: Running totals of about an hour and 37 minutes, probably no CF class because I intend to get a massage — if no massage, I’ll add in a CF class.




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4 thoughts on “Base Building: Week Four”

  1. OMG so I am very behind on my social medias but I just went and read through all of your base building posts and I am so happy to hear about all of your progress! Keep an eye on those calves though, you don’t need any setbacks. Can’t wait to see you keep kicking butt!


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