Base Building: Week Three

My goal last week was for about 88 running minutes and a CF class, which I fell short of, but for good reason!  I realized after glancing at my previous training on RunningAHEAD and Daily Mile, that I had increased running for three weeks straight (I’m a week off on my “base building” posts) and the last week was accidentally a little too long (more than 10%).  I like to build up for 3-4 weeks then do a little cutback and since it’s my first three weeks of running, I didn’t want to push four weeks before dropping off a little.  It helped that this past week I was really busy, too.  Working out was not going to fit into my schedule!

Monday: Rest Day

I actually prepare real food meals (lasagna prep).
I actually prepare real food meals (lasagna prep).
  • I had a half day at work and used the afternoon to run errands.  I was having some family over for dinner on Wednesday for my Mom’s birthday and a housewarming party on Friday with friends — I had to put the final touches on my apartment!

Tuesday: Fast Finish Run (35:00)

  • Besides a time estimate, I don’t set out with a plan — I don’t even know where I’m going to run, just that I’m leaving my house and letting my feet lead me somewhere.
  • This run was fueled by pop and coffee because I’m nutritionally challenged – I paid for it.  Cramps galore!
  • I ran 3.5 miles, which is my farthest run to date and was completely unintentional.  The last half mile, I picked it up and felt like I was sprinting it in but realistically I was hovering anywhere from 7:45-8:30/mile.  The sprint to the finish create a little discomfort in my left ankle and arch, but recovering at home eliminated it completely.

Wednesday: Rest Day

  • I made a super awesome, homemade (except the noodles) sausage lasagna for my Mom, Grandma, sister, and J to celebrate my Mom’s birthday — it was a total success.  I gave her a necklace I had engraved from Erica Sara, which made her cry (and it turn, me cry) so I think I did this birthday thing right — all the way down to the ice cream cake.

Thursday: “Fran” at CrossFit Nickel City

My baby thrusters (photo courtesy of CF Nickel City)
My baby thrusters (photo courtesy of CF Nickel City)
  • Since hearing about this day being Fran, I made sure I wasn’t going to miss it: 21-15-9 of thrusters and then pull-ups for time (6:03).
  • I had more to give at the end, but was nervous about the thrusters and went with a 10kg bar (22 lbs).  My pull-ups started with a red/green band, then ended up as green and purple.  I was challenged, but not to the point I think I should have been — live and learn!

Friday: Rest Day

  • Game night/house warming party aka “Wow, I’m way too old for house parties” night.
  • If I knew some of my friends wouldn’t kill me over putting the videos from that night on the internet, they would be here for everyone’s enjoyment: guys trying to do splits and cheerleading moves (mostly because the girl instructing is pretty, though married) is hilarious.

Saturday: Rest Day [Hangover recovery day]

  • Oof.  Rough, rough, rough.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to work at the pumpkin festival (took that call at 11:30pm on Friday, ha).
  • J and I spent a little quality time together and took a trip for hiking to Chestnut Ridge (bad idea — pouring rain), ended up shopping at Orchard Fresh (love it), and getting Grandma dinner (seriously – 4pm) at a little local Mexican place he heard great things about.  They didn’t lie — authentic and amazing.

Sunday: Easy Run (25:00)

This rum infused cider may or may not have contributed slightly to my hangover.
This rum infused cider may or may not have contributed slightly to my hangover.
  • I couldn’t wake up early enough to run so after a day of standing on my feet at the Pumpkin Fest, I knew I had to fit it in.  Coincidentally, J was going to run so he waited up for me to get home.
  • We took a straight out and back route to stay in the most well lit area as possible (the joys of fall/winter at 7:30pm) and kept it easy and low-key.  It ended up being a 2.2 mile run, which was the perfect ending to my easy week.  Quality time running with my best friend (and significant other) probably makes me the happiest girl.  If only I could get him to run a half marathon with me…

Weekly totals: 5.7 miles (60 minutes) and one CF class (1:00).

Next Week’s Goals: 88 minutes of running and one CF class.


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