Base Building: Week 2

Photo courtesy of CF Nickel City -- first rep, form was corrected later, but more to work on!
Photo courtesy of CF Nickel City — first rep, form was corrected later, but more to work on!

If I told you that I deleted my “base building” training plan that I put into my calendar on RunningAHEAD, would you be surprised?  Don’t be.

I love RA, but it drives me nuts that if I miss a workout, it remains on the calendar even though it doesn’t count towards my totals for the week.  I still executed the workouts (and added a CrossFit WOD at the new box!), but they just weren’t on the days I originally planned.  Sure, I could edit the actual schedule to avoid this situation but I’m barely home enough to shower and eat a meal, let alone upload my data and adjust my calendar.

I’m leaving this week feeling amazing.  I’ve had many weeks that left me feeling like it was THE turnaround week, but this time was different.  I recovered better than I ever have in the past 16 months.  I’ll go as far as saying I recovered like a badass, but more on that in a later post.

Monday: Rest Day

  • I think I made Crockpot lasagna.  Somebody remind me that I don’t care for Trader Joe’s brand of crushed tomatoes?  Thanks.

Tuesday: Easy Run (26:00)

  • The actual run was 26:08 (2.57 miles) and I made sure to stick to 10:00+ per mile, concentrating on the talk test.  If I couldn’t sing to Maroon 5 and Macklemore, I was running too fast.
  • I felt relatively good until I hit my wall at 20:00, partially because I was headed back up a little hill, but also because it’s tiring to run again (that is embarrassing, but true).  At about 21:00 til the finish, my left tibia started to throb a little and I knew it would require some extra TLC at home.

Wednesday: “Chelsea” at CrossFit Nickel City

  • This was the first day CFNC was opened, which I’ve been anxiously awaiting and I’m sold.
  • We warmed-up with rolling out, shoulder mobility, and squats with bands (woo!)
  • The actual workout was “Chelsea” – every minute on the minute: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats, for 30 minutes.  If you couldn’t do the full set in the minute, you were supposed to drop it down.  I did sets of 3/6/9 after two attempts at 5/10/15, skipping two rounds (one to find a more appropriate band and the other because I just needed a break).
  • That’s about 90 pull-ups (red/green bands), 180 push-ups (on knees), and 270 squats.

Thursday: Easy Run (20:00)

  • My actual run was 20:40 and 2.17 miles.
  • I haven’t worked out three days in a row (besides teaching) in over a year, but I felt compelled and I’m not sure why.  I started easy, but after a mile felt really good and kicked it in, eventually sprinting the last quarter mile and hitting sub 7.  Uhhh what?

Friday: Rest (movie night!)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Long Run (33:00)

Return of the Sunday morning "long" run!
Return of the Sunday morning “long” run!
  • The actual run was 32:57, 3.1 miles of bliss.
  • It was freezing outside (okay, 36 degrees) and as per usual, I overdressed and knew it.  I took a different route today that I somewhat knew existed, but never ran down it.  New favorite location?  New favorite location.  I wish I was up to running for an hour because I just want to see where it leads.

Weekly Totals: 7.8 miles (79 minutes) and one CF class

Next week goals?  88 minutes of running (over three times) and another CF class


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2 thoughts on “Base Building: Week 2”

  1. You are kicking ass getting back into training! Love that Heather and I got you on RA, it’s so addicting! But yes if you miss something you have to go back into the training plan and delete it or it stays on the calendar!


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