Base Building: Week 1

Lyla is a little depressed because I'm not her human.
Lyla is a little depressed because I’m not her human.

I registered for RunningAHEAD many, many, many months ago — prior to my injury.  I uploaded all my Garmin data, never looking at it again until hearing about it from Laura and Heather during the Rochester Marathon weekend.  “But I have DailyMile and my Garmin and my blog — why do I need another website to track my fitness?” I asked, clearly not understanding the awesomeness that is RunningAHEAD.  It is full of awesomeness.  All the awesomeness.  There are some people who probably won’t care much about the awesome things that RunningAHEAD can provide, but you’re looking at a girl who will find any excuse at work to create a spreadsheet in Excel and then take that spreadsheet and try to make another spreadsheet just because I can.  Believe me — the more data, the more fun.

So this weekend as I’m house sitting two adorable pups (and three birds), I have a lot of spare time on my hands.  This spare time has led me to blogging, drinking wine, and watching hours of Lifetime movies and Forensic Files.  (I’m pretty sure I know how to create the perfect murder at this point in my weekend.)  Since I’ve never been the type of person to just focus on the TV, I have to do something else on my phone or computer.  This means deleting everything prior to the “return” of Brittany (CrossFit last month) and creating a training plan that is totally unnecessary, but looks really awesome on my calendar.

Given my running restart, it’s only appropriate to start my weekly training over again.  I’m deeming the next four months (until the Lake Effect Half Marathon) as my base building time period.  After that I fully intend to push forward to PRs in every single event I can run (5k through half marathon).

Base Building: Week 1

Monday: CrossFit – Thruster Workshop

  • Typical CF Warm-Up (Rolling out with PVC pipe — way more intense than a foam roller, shoulder mobility with a skinny PVC pipe, hip hinges, etc.)
  • Active warm-Up: Foot-Hand Crawls for 3 minutes, followed by 3 sets of 30 jumping jacks, 10 low and slow squats
  • Thruster Workshop: Started with learning the separate movements using a skinny PVC pipe — low squat, shoulder press (essentially), then adding in a 34lb bar for 2×10 thrusters (I ended up doing 4 sets of 4-5 because this was really difficult for me), the actual class was 4×3, adding on weight as we could.  We went to a 15lb bar with a 15lb plate on each end (45lb) and I was able to do three sets at this weight while other people added on.  I couldn’t even start the fourth set and Rob had me do 5 squats with the bar in thruster position (I guess you’d call it that?).
  • Remember the first ever half marathon you ran?  You felt like crying because you couldn’t believe you just accomplished that?  That’s how I felt at the end of this workout.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Sneakers came, let’s run!

  • New Saucony Virratas came so it really didn’t matter that I wanted to nap, this run was happening.
  • Took it easy, concentrated on my form (midfoot strike, not forefoot) and felt amazing.
  • 25 minutes (2.47 miles) — I made sure to stay above 10:00 miles (except the first mile) because I’m base building, not speed training.

Thursday: CrossFit – 5 Rounds for Time (18:42)

  • I knew today would be the test because it was a running WOD and this would be the first time back to back running since pro
    Recovery at its finest.  #ChannelingMyInnerOliviaPope
    Recovery at its finest. #ChannelingMyInnerOliviaPope

    bably last fall.  I ran in my Virratas and felt amazing.

  • Warm-Up as per usual
  • Active Warm-Up of jumping jacks and lunges (5 sets)
  • WOD 5 Rounds for Time: 400m run, 30 squats, 10 hand release push-ups

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Easy 25 minute run

  • It felt like it was in the 30s outside, which is quite a change from the recent months of Summer, but I forced myself outside.  “Suck it up, this is less than 30 minutes!” at least was what I told myself
  • It sprinkled, then stopped for the majority of the run and only sucked during the cool, windy stretches.  I ran 25 minutes (2.43 miles), keeping it nice and easy, once again focusing on my midfoot striking.  As soon as I stopped and walked the 5 minutes back to my car, it started to downpour and hail.  (Phew!)
  • Recovery?  Chow mein (the salty blue container totally unhealthy ones and a bottle of red wine)

Sunday: Rest (hello, football Sunday!)

This is the first time I have run three times in a week since January or February. It was 6 miles this week, but every single step felt like running should:  absolutely pain free.  When I was doing my run/walks, my ankle started to twinge at the ends of each workout, reminding me that I wasn’t 100% but my tendons were getting used to the impact again.  I can honestly say that this week, aside from maybe 5 steps when I didn’t think about form, I didn’t feel any thing that reminded me I was once injured.  Despite the fact that any pace quicker than 10:15 makes me feel like 8:00 miles used to, I really can’t complain.  The goal of the next four months is to make it to Lake Effect healthy and finish it without pain (unlike last year).  If the rest of my weeks can be as successful as this one I’ll be more than well on my way.


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