Marathons are Kind of Inspiring

A seized up calf is no match for the finish line.
A seized up calf is no match for the finish line.

Sometimes all it takes is a quick kick in the ass to get your gears going again.  My swift kick in the ass was cheering for Laura last Sunday at the Rochester Marathon.

First thing is first — Laura is inspiring on her own, let alone when she’s whooping marathon ass.  There’s something awesome about knowing somebody who is so dedicated to their training and has the results to prove it.  Yeah, professional athletes are great to look up to but for a girl like me — an occassional age-grouper — I can’t relate to somebody who’s full time job is to train for a race.  Sorry Kara, Lauren, and Shalane.

Pretty much spending 24 hours surrounded by runners, talking about running, and watching every single person cross that finish line expressing all those emotions I still know all too well but are slowly fading… it put me in the right mindset to get back on track.

I drove in Saturday, basically spent the night gossiping/girl talking with Heather and Laura, where I was practically shunned for never seeing Cool Runnings (whoops — movie bucket list, added).  It was an early night after planning our cheer points; the morning came even earlier.  The race day weather wasn’t perfect — starting warmer than anticipated, adding in a little humidty, and finally teaming rain.  I managed to stay dry, but the runners weren’t so lucky.

After just over three hours of cheering, we saw Laura cruise to the finish taking fourth overall with a two minute PR (30 minutes on the course!)  I was exhausted just from watching, I coudln’t even fathom running it.  After seeing all the marathoners walk like penguins around the awards and eventually at lunch, I decided that I will not be attempting a marathon in my near future.  Half marathons are in my future for at least the next 18 months!

Maybe I don’t want to think about running a marathon for myself, but I easily caught the “race” bug from being in that atmosphere.  I know I need to start slow still, but I was up on my feet running twice this week.  The first time out, I aimed for 15-20 minutes.  I don’t want to start with a run/walk series again and I think if I’m smart, I won’t injure myself.  Smart = pre-hab, post-hab… every single day.

My first run this week was about 17 minutes long and just 1.7 miles.  My second run was with J, who I talked with the entire 25 minutes.  Talking kept our pace slow (10:30+) and it easily kept my mind off all the derailing thoughts I had during the first run.  Why does this suck?  Crap this is really hard.  I hate being out of breath.  Is this fun?  Why do I do this?  Are these sneakers even good to be running in?  Oh geez, is this a hill?  This is a hill.  Is it a mile yet?  Does that say half mile?  Did my Garmin lose connection?  It must have.  It’s probably time to turn around so I make it back in under 20 minutes.  Oh geez I’ve only been running for six minutes.  Oh I think that’s a wheeze coming on.  I’m never doing this again.  We ran just under 2.5 miles before hopping into the car to get shopping in before the stores closed, followed by shoveling an Applebees salad fully into my starving, runger ravaged belly.  It wasn’t the best recovery plan, but next week is a new run-week to set good habits.

And good habits I really need — just three days until I sign up for the “goal” race of winter, 2015.  By “goal” race, I mean the end of my base building and the start of my first real training cycle since the Buffalo Half Marathon training cycle in 2013.  I don’t intend to race the “goal” race, but finish in one piece: Lake Effect Half Marathon 2015.  I have 22 weeks to build a healthy, safe, tendonitis free base.

One more month of working two jobs (7 days/week) before I can really focus on myself and my running.  It’s essentially the first time in 16 months I will not be working two (or three) jobs and that’s going to be really awesome for my energy, running, and health.



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3 thoughts on “Marathons are Kind of Inspiring”

  1. I’m so jealous you got to go watch and I would agree completely. It sounds like it was an absolutely great time. I am also glad you got to run as well. I think your goal is so smart. You will be injury free and running well again. I hope we can meet again too!


  2. You are the best! Thank you so much for being there! Cannot wait for many more shenanagins in the future. Maybe I’ll bring cool runnings to watch during taper before the bills game! 🙂 You are going to get so much stronger with all of the therapy you have done, strength training and playing it smart. Cannot wait to see what next year has to bring for you–happy and healthy running!


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