Hey Life, Slow Down

This is what I do on Friday nights now.
This is what I do on Friday nights now.

When I blog about running, I tend to think I’m Superwoman and everything is sunshine and rainbows (as Hollie likes to say).  It isn’t, it’s actually really hard, and I’m struggling to get back into the swing of things.  In fact, lately I’ve felt more like a big pile of rain clouds has been looming (holy depressing statement), but that means the rainbow should be here soon.  That’s how the saying goes, right?

This post was supposed to be the unveiling of my training plan.  Let’s use the term “training plan” very loosly.  It wasn’t much of a training plan, but more of an outline. Basically how I was going to get myself back to running 4 days a week, so my “long run” was no more than 30% — my runs were mostly 18-20 minutes for much of 6 weeks.

photo 4You’d think I could find twenty minutes to lace up and run?  Nope.  

I didn’t reeaaallly regret it but then I got the evil Daily Mile email reminding me that I’ve done nothing but be a lazy piece of Brittany for two weeks.  Thanks, Daily Mile, I really needed the reminder.  /sarcasm


In reality, I wasn’t a lazy piece of Brittany for two weeks. This is hands down the busiest I have been since November 2012 when I was working in NYC because of Hurricane Sandy.  I was easily putting in an 80 hour week (not that it felt like it) for a month.

Sometimes I get paid to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, and that is awesome.
Sometimes I get paid to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, and that is awesome.

Quick August Recap: I worked my regular job  and the Erie County Fair at the same time, with taking a few half days to get to the fair earlier.  Then I worked some overtime at my regular job because of a full-week training, plus another carnival night.  This week, I’ve been putting in overtime at my regular job and Saturday through Monday (Labor Day), I’ll be working about 28-33 hours at another carnival, plus volunteering for the Biggest Loser Packet Pick-Up.

Essentially in the month of August, I will have worked approximately 392 hours with 5 full days off… average that out with the days I actually worked and it’s about 15 hours each day.  So,Daily Mile, you can relax!

To add to that, if you’ve met me in real life, you’re likely friends with me on Facebook and dealt with the Toilet Chronicles.  Yes, I caused the plumbing issue by somewhat accidentally flushing a Blender Bottle Ball down the toilet, but I promptly notified maintenance that there was an issue when it arose, including blaming the mishap on a mysterious toddler to acknowledge something may have ended up in the toilet that shouldn’t have.  I spent eight days with a non-functioning toilet because they told me it was “fine”.  Combine that with all the other issues I’ve had since moving in back in December 2012 and I decided to screw my budget/finances — I needed a new place, stat.

Thankfully I do have a new apartment which I will move into on September 12th about a half mile away from me, and at the bottom of the hill, so finally I won’t be finishing uphill every single time I run.

  • It’s more money (by about $80)
  • It’s a lot nicer than my current place
  • It’s not at a super busy corner (yay quiet!)
  • The sun will set into my windows (yay natural sunlight!)
  • It actually has a kitchen counter (totally don’t have one right now)
  • It has coin-op laundry in the basement (potentially no more laundromat!)
  • And it allows pets – even dogs.
One day I only worked three hours and drank beverages with my Mom at a Luke Bryan concert.
One day I only worked three hours and drank beverages with my Mom at a Luke Bryan concert.

I guess you could say some things are slowly coming together.  I have the apartment, I have overtime to support the new apartment.  I also have an interview at my current job for a higher paying position and that would be the ultimate everything just fell into place moment.  But if it doesn’t, I also have a 2nd job hopefully lined up (interviewing Friday) working the Buffalo Sabres games since I’m not buying into any season tickets this year.  It’s seasonal (yay summers off!) but way more frequent than teaching at the gym, plus it’s close to home.  So even if I don’t get this new job at work, I’m pretty confident something will pull through in the part-time job department so I can live in my new place, guilt free.

And while all this is happening in the coming month, I also have to use a CrossFit Groupon by October for 8 classes, so I’ll be able to force myself into some workouts.  Plus I am very excited to be traveling to Rochester to cheer on Laura again, this time in a marathon, one that I fully believe she will PR in and I can’t wait to see it happen.

Phew.  There’s my past month and upcoming month in a nutshell.  I promise you, running will happen soon!


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2 thoughts on “Hey Life, Slow Down”

  1. I can relate to this completely. It’s funny you wrote about rain clouds because I am in the process of writing a post where I talked about how I feel like my life has been a bunch of rain clouds lately. You will get back into it and I’m glad to hear things are slowly (but they are) progressing in the right direction.


  2. You have been super busy but still moving forward and still going in the right direction. Happy you got the new place, as long as the Fubed will still be there for me. can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!


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