Vega Sport

I’m not one to review products for a slew of reasons.

  1. I rarely find something that “wows” me enough to want to tell people about it.
  2. If I like something, I use it.  I don’t need to post about how awesome a product is.
  3. I don’t try things often because it’s never sample sized and always so damn expensive.
  4. I’m not a “send me free things to review!” blogger and never want to be, though if it happens on accident and I’m genuinely interested — I’ll try.
  5. If you want a product review, use Google.  You’ll find a million of them.

vegaThe past week I’ve been toying with writing about Vega Sport.  I found single serving packets at my local co-op and since I always hear great things, plus they are plant based (which is something I’ve been trying to incorporate more of in my life this year), I decided to check them out.  After using almost everything, I honestly want to tell everyone to try them.  I want to just have a bunch of samples and throw them at people, “Drink this, sir.  You!  Drink this one.  Hey!  DRINK THIS.”

I’m skeptical of powders I mix with things.  They are often grainy, taste terrible, and I rarely notice a difference before/after drinking them.  The first two items I tried were the Vega One all-in-one nutritional shake and then the Vega protein smoothie. I wanted something I could take to work for breakfast that could give me energy better than coffee.

Thankfully, I read the back of these before mixing them because it stated if your body isn’t used to all the “clean” ingredients, it could really send your intestinal tract into a bit of a tailspin.  I didn’t want to spend the day locked in the bathroom, so I mixed about 1/3 of the packages each time I used them.

Mixed with orange juice and water in a blender bottle, it was actually really tolerable.  The smell wasn’t unattractive and I actually enjoyed the taste, but there was something it reminded me of that I couldn’t put my finger on that made me ruffle my nose a few times.  Surprisingly, every time I drank this I found myself with increased energy that lasted for much of the day with no crash.  Since it’s plant based, my body just felt better, too.  It was similar to eating huge plates of fruits and vegetables after a week long binge on dining out and eating whatever you want during vacation.  Still, I’m skeptical so I waited to mention it until I tried almost everything else.

The Vega Sport recovery accelerator was actually the tastiest thing I’ve drank for a “recovery” beverage.  I picked the apple berry flavor, mixed it with water (maybe 10-12 oz) and had no issues with drinking it down.  Whether it worked is another question — I’m not exactly in peak training shape where I notice if I’m recovering faster or not.  I drank it after my first 30 minute non-stop run and was able to run again 30 minutes three days later, but felt ready even after two.  If that’s the Vega talking or just props to my recovery and physical therapy training, we may never know… at least not until half marathon PR training begins again this winter.

The item that sold me was the Vega Sport pre-workout energizer in Acai Berry.  Again, mixed with about 10 oz of water, I drank it Saturday morning before my 2nd 30 minute run of the week.  I had been laying groggily in bed for an hour, debating between coffee, breakfast, and going back to sleep.  I mixed the drink in the blender bottle and started drinking.  It was another taste winner for me!  The instructions say drink 20 minutes before the workout and you’ll feel sustained, instant energy.  Yeah, okay.  I’ve heard that before with other bars, powders, and gels.  I like Gu during my long runs because I feel the immediate energy, but it dies quickly.  That’s the only thing I’ve used before that made me feel it working.

This stuff works.  OhmyGod, does this stuff work.  Not even ten minutes after I drank it (and I finished it in about five), did I feel the effects.  It was like drinking a large coffee with espresso on an empty stomach after shopping all day at the mall or cleaning (I know somebody out there can relate to that).  It’s something I couldn’t drink before work because my body needed to go do something with a lot of energy expenditure.  It’s a good thing I drank it while I was stretching because once it kicked in, I couldn’t sit any longer.  I calmed down after a few minutes of running, but still felt focused and the energy is sustained even three hours after finishing the drink and my run.

I’m sold.

I bought a couple more single serve packets of the pre-workout and post-workout mixes and a different flavor of protein smoothie.  While I want to splurge on the two tubs, it’ll run me nearly $70 even at the cheapest website.  Ouch.

If you’re still out there looking for “the thing” that keeps you going, makes you feel great, and is actually great for you — I highly recommend the Vega line.  And trust me, I rarely give testimonials because nothing has ever been that worth it.

By the way, if you ever see any ridiculous sales (pre-workout energizer for less than $40, recovery accelerator for less than $30), please let me know.  #CollegeDebtOverCollegeDebtOverCollegeDebt


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

4 thoughts on “Vega Sport”

  1. I’ve heard Vega is good stuff. I’ve heard it’s very expensive but I have heard it’s good. I hate to do product reviews about products that I don’t fully believe in.


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